Two name changes-or more correctly, modifications-have received attention in the media and branding worlds recently. Pizza Hut has announced that its boxes and select locations will carry the name “The Hut,” and RadioShack plans to unveil new creative for “The Shack,” its shorter, catchier moniker. These name shortenings are proofMORE HERE

MONTVALE, N.J. – There is but one grocery chain that inspires literature. It’s the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (NYSE: GAP), this year celebrating its 150th anniversary. In John Updike’s Kennedy-era short story “A&P” a 19-year-old clerk identifies with three scantily clad girls who come into an A&P inMORE HERE

GRAFTON – On Route 17 in York County, Virginia remains one of the great remaining Western Auto stores. Don’t you just love the flags on the front? Six of them! The chain was a national giant in auto parts and appliances. The chain opened in 1909 in Kansas City, MissouriMORE HERE

We caught a fascinating piece on Radio Shack (NYSE: RSH) in the most recent edition of Adweek. Radio Shack has put out an RFP for their advertising account. One bit of Andrew McMains’ story caught our eye: Online shopping, per the RFP, has not only made consumers more price sensitive,MORE HERE

Dear Radio Shack So business stinks. But when we go by to the store closest to our house, we can’t tell the difference between a Radio Shack and the Sprint store at the other end of the shopping center. We got a great comment on BrandlandUSA today about one ofMORE HERE

The brand of “Peter Max” still as strong as 1960s FORT MYERS – We heard the artist Peter Max this morning on WGCU 90.1, the public radio station in Fort Myin the winter home of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Max, of course, is one of the most famous commercialMORE HERE

Opportunity for the electronics retailer So Circuit City is gone, and it’s Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) and Radio Shack (NYSE: RSH). How opportune for Radio Shack, whose stock seems to be in miracle zone, namely above $10 a share. In August 2007, we wrote on BrandlandUSA some of our ideasMORE HERE