CHICAGO – There are some companies that not only own brands that are classics, but are also classic companies in themselves. Companies like Chelsea Milling (maker of Jiffy mixes), C.F. Sauer (maker of Duke’s mayo and Sauer spices) and Gold Pure (horseradish) sell basic, straightforward things, execute them without deception orMORE HERE

St. LOUIS – An enduring bug killing name is Enoz, known for fly swatters and moth balls. Founded in 1946, the products are still made in the United States. To many Americans, the smell of Enoz is the smell of winter’s end and winter’s arrival, when woolens come out ofMORE HERE

How place names represent brands Anyone who names things for a living will tell you a name is simultaneously the most important and least important signifier of a brand. It’s the most important because it’s the most succinct verbal expression of everything the brand stands for. It’s the least importantMORE HERE

NEW YORK – We need to end this crap right now. Does everything have to be torn down, rebuilt, and then torn down again. So we are reading an AP story about Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs. It reads: Standing in the plush visitors’ clubhouse of Yankee Stadium, Carlos ZambranoMORE HERE