Bringing Back Charles of the Ritz

Charles of the Ritz

How does a brand like Charles of the Ritz, at one time far larger and more prestigious Estee Lauder, just plain disappear?

This makeup and skincare brand was merged into Revlon, and while some of its perfumes still survive, the Charles of the Ritz brand does not. Customers on BrandlandUSA continue to search for the Revenesence brand, which was a sort of beauty cream that worked wonders. Numerous outside parties have attempted to copy the formula.

Charles of the Ritz was as big, or bigger, a brand than Estee Lauder, and much more high-end than Cover Girl or Maybelline. Perhaps in its time, a tier under Erno Lazlo.

The brand had mixing counters in department stores, and sold itself by reminding customers of the alluring image of Charles of the Ritz, a hairstylist in the New York Ritz.

The product dates from 1916, when a hairdresser named Charles Jundt began operating the salon in the Ritz hotel in New York. Jundt founded the company in 1919, and in 1926, began selling products under the brand Charles of the Ritz.

Perfumes include Enjoli (that “bring home the bacon” ad) and Jean Nate. The legendary makeup artist Way Bandy worked for the company.

We recall an elderly lady who, in the late 1980s, worked at the Leggett’s in Willow Lawn in Richmond as a Ritz mixer. She mixed Charles of the Ritz right at the counter. Even in her 90s, she was upholding the brand she knew. To her, it had allure. The company called them “consultants.”

Very often, when companies get acquired, they lose their distinctiveness, and their connection to their original owners disappears.


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  1. I worked for Belk in Eastland Mall Charlotte, North Carolina 1984 to around 1988. I was a Charles of the Ritz consultant, and then moved up to cosmetic manager. I started using trials of the Ritz and 84; it was amazing. I used all the skin care products especially the Revenescence body cream and body lotion. The Revenescence facial merchandise was the best.

    All the makeup was beautiful. I will never understand what they were thinking when they discontinued any of these products. They were the best by far, over any products in the cosmetic department even though Estee Lauder was the biggest at the time in that department with Clinique and Lancome.

    Charles of the Ritz products were by far the most exceptional of any of those other brands. Believe me when I was the manager of the department, I had tried them all because I had access to them. Shame on Revlon. They need to bring it all back, most especially the skin care

  2. Has anyone found a moisturizer that compares to Charles of the Ritz Liquid Revenescence? I would love to know what you’re using instead? I was a big fan of that black bottle. I used it for 30 years – definitely miss it!!!

    1. My mother always wore Charles of the Ritz everything.
      She introduced me to Revenesence when I was in my early teens and I used it until it disappeared. It was a miracle in a bottle. It even healed cuts in a few minutes. I miss Liquid Revanesence in the black bottle so so very much. It is what is now known as a serum.

      I have been trying to find a replacement for it since it was discontinued. Ten or fifteen years ago I thought Christian Dior’s Capture Total (serum) was pretty close but over the years they kept changing the formulation and increasing the price. Now it is very expensive garbage with a heavy nauseating fragrance.

      Lancôme offers a serum in a black bottle with a silver dropper cap (not the Ritz screw on) & silver Logo and type. It is definitely a copy cat and meant to draw Revenesence users in. It is not bad but definitely not even a. close match.

      What are some products others have tried and which have come close to Liquid Revenesence? Please share.

      Laura Girimonti

  3. My mother used Charles of the Ritz exclusively. She swore by Revenessence, always used their foundations, first Veil and then Veilessence, had her powder custom mixed (and when the CR woman she’d used for years told her they were discontinuing the powder, had 10 boxes mixed and stored them!) She had exquisite skin! She started me out with Revenessence in my 20s and I used it until I could find it no longer. Shame on Revlon for discontinuing it. I miss it! I miss the smell of Revenessence and the smell of Veil! BRING IT BACK!

  4. Charles of the Ritz in the maroon metal can was my signature fragrance – all of the products were exceptional. I wish that the brand will make a comeback – unchanged as it was ahead of its time.

  5. I wore Charles of the Ritz in the maroon metal can in the 1980s. It was my signature fragrance and i always got many compliments when I wore it. The smell was clean and fresh and was long lasting. I don’t know why Revlon shelved the fragrance but it would be wonderful if they brought it back. I would certainly make it my signature scent again. I haven’t worn anything quite like it since it was discontinued. Why do companies continue the practice of “all good things must come to an end”? Also Revenescence – all of the products were exceptional. I wish that the brand will make a comeback – it was ahead of its time.

  6. I wore Charles of the Ritz in the maroon metal can in the 1980s. It was my signature fragrance and i always got many compliments when I wore it. The smell was clean and fresh and was long lasting. I don’t know why Revlon shelved the fragrance but it would be wonderful if they brought it back. I would certainly make it my signature scent again. I haven’t worn anything quite like it since it was discontinued. Why do companies continue the practice of “all good things must come to an end”?

  7. I loved Charles of the Ritz Liquid Revenescence, the light fragrance and just the way it felt on my face. I recently found a small bottle in with my makeup and I am using it again. It is my understanding that a woman has recreated the Liquid Revenescence and updated it and it has another name. Not sure how legitimate it is, but I may order a bottle when my original runs out. Has anyone else bought this or tried it? Thank-you!

    1. Hi there. You did not provide the name of what has been the possible name of product that is similar to
      LIQUID REVENESSENCE PRODUCT SIMALAR. Please advise . Thanl you.

    2. You failed to mention the name of product that is similar to C of R, revenessance. Please ibdicate now in 2022.

  8. My mother used a Charles of the Ritz night cream for years. It was very thick and a pale yellow. What was the name?

    1. Also, it had a very distinctive smell.

    2. You may be thinking of the Revenescence Crème that came in a black round bottle with a silver lid. I always used the Revenescence Liquid, but my mother enjoyed the thick crème for her face. It was a pale yellow and had the wonderful light fragrance of the Revenescence Liquid.

      1. Not sure of the spelling of Crème or Cream…sorry.

  9. My husband just found a new bottle of it and it’s for my 65th Birthday in February 10, 2019, can’t wait❣️

  10. I’ve used Charles of the Ritz since 1972 the best I’ve ever smelled I still have a little bit left I use it on very special occasions I wish they’d bring it back❣️

  11. Please, please, please bring back Charles of the Ritz perfume. Nothing compares. I’ve tried all of the so called equivalents to no avail. It’s smell was divine, heavenly. I first smelt it when a friend was wearing it at the Lyceum Ballroom in London. She sprayed some on my wrist, I had gloves on and the smell lingered for ages. I didn’t wash that glove until I purchased a bottle of the perfume myself. It was my signature perfume from then on, until sadly I could no longer obtain it either in London or in the USA. Is anyone listening out there in the perfume world?

  12. I loved Charles of the Ritz!! Surely it could be brought back or duplicated. I still have a bottle of the original perfume–that has only a few drops in it. It is on my dresser and when I want a trip down memory lane a take a whiff. So sad it is unavaiable.

  13. Hello, has anyone heard of a Charles of the Ritz airplane kit? I have one and just wondering how rare it is and what it would be worth? I have not seen one anywhere. Thank you.

  14. 2018 I am in the uk I went mad on Charles of the ritz perfume I am sure the one my fav was actually just called Charles of the ritz it had a burgundy coloured lid I do not ever recall having so many comments on how nice I smelt on any other perfume why oh why did it stop being made

  15. I am almost in tears. To read all the comments from the beautiful women, who like me miss that special smell of Charles of the Ritz. When I would wear it, I walked on a cloud and I never got tired of people asking what it was. I too have looked on-line and seen the high prices that the few remaining bottles are being sold and I just can’t afford to buy them. Maybe if we all got together as a movement of our own to re-introduce the Ritz brand to current owner of name/products we may garner support possibly around the world! I have seen numerous comments from other countries. I would be willing to work with interested “Ritz Souls” who would like to see the old products re-introduced into this new society. My email is as follows:
    (Even if you want to trade stories about your usage of the Ritz products, I’ll be honored to listen!!)

  16. I uses Charles of the Rita brown bottle for year’s until I could not find. J.C.Penny had it for years. I was stopped several times and asked what I was wearing ,I have to get that for my wife. Now I wear Oscar de la Renta It is a good close

  17. I loved the wholesome makeup that Charles of the ritz came out with package in a tube , beautiful .. do you know where i can get it

  18. I grew up in CT in the 60’s there was a Charles of the Ritz Warehouse across the street from where my Dad worked. His company did work for them and he would get make up and perfume for my mom. I remember the smell. I remember those great color eyes shadows that she painted on her eyelids! And the face cream in that lil black jar!

  19. Who would have thought Ritz Classic perfume could evoke such memories… I would love it to come back. My favourite aunt’s perfume and the first I ever bought….I have never found anything similar.

  20. I will never forget the silver spray can that sat on my mother’s vanity. To this day when I reminisce about what my “mommy” smelled like, I think of that silver can. When I was a young teenager, I had my older friend drive me to JCPenny were I bought what had become the very last in our home. I will never forget being comforted by that sweet scent that defines my early memories of my mother. Thankfully, I still have her, but what I wouldn’t give to go back in time with the scent of my mommy. Charles of Ritz impacted my life monumentally… it was my mother’s signature scent. Thank you.

  21. Just want Charles of the Ritz perfume.

  22. I would do anything to find Charles of the Ritz eyeshadow – color Mocha!!!!. I wore it in the early ’80s. I live in Australia. Nothing comes close!
    Always the way……..favorite products disappear off the face of the earth.

  23. I managed a outlet store years ago that sold Charles of the Ritz, Alexandra Demarkoff, Borghese, Ultima11, and other good lines. Charles of the Ritz was my favorite. They made a liquid foundation at one time in peach that was wonderful coverage and beautiful color. I have never found anything like it again. I bought all we had when I heard it was discontinued and that was the last time I have been happy with my makeup.

  24. This wholesome makeup in a white tube with maroonwrighting on it , was the bomb I got it out of cosmopolitan mags when they use to have beauty kits sit to you for just 1. 95 shipping and you were supposed to by a certain amount of items in in a year , but any that makeup I got so many comments back in 86 … does anyone know what I’m talking about ? I would love to find it again …. do they sell the products anymore?

  25. There was a makeu called wholesome makeup that came in a tube it was beautiful, it made your face wholesome I want that back

  26. I am looking for the mascara, was a metal applicator .

  27. I wore Charles of the Ritz in college and for several years afterward. I just loved that perfume. Is there anyway it may be brought back or maybe somewhere I can purchase it ?

  28. I’ve been trying to find a Charles of the Ritz powder that came in a black plastic container with a silver top. I think it was translucent. It had a pearly sheen to it. Was really great. Does anyone know where I could find it? Thanks!

  29. I still have an old container from Charles of the Ritz for a fragrance I used for many years. It was called Double Perfume. And it was unforgettable. If anyone knows of anything even similar I would be ever grateful.

  30. This message is for Ellen Johnson (comment #42 above). I know it’s a long shot, but if you or anyone else reads this, I am desperately trying to find the press and any other tools used to make the Charles pressed powders. Please contact me!

    1. hi
      I have one the these presses.

  31. Dear staff

    When will 2017 Launch be for charles of the ritz

    Buy old type on ebay overseas

    Say ritual

    Cleansing creme dry skin

    Hope you set up a web sit on google and

    Also buying site

    Thank you

  32. Dear staff

    Love charles of the ritz cosmetics perfumes

    So many old products still for sales on ebay

    Like ritual

    Hope you let all the old products back on the market 2017 as heard and perfume

    Thank you

  33. I am looking for that Charles of the Ritz compact that went on like the best foundation in the world ! Used to buy it for $25 in the eighties at a Millers or JCP?

  34. When I was still young, I cared about skin care. I bought Charles of the Ritz from Miller & Rhoads in Richmond..They had a double skin care for night, one was moisturizing and the other was a cream for dry areas. They also had a cream for people with Rosacea..It was light green and ti covered excess redness..I loved those cosmetics and wish they were still available.. I remember the lady who mixed powder too….

    1. My mother sold Charles of the Ritz at Anderson-Newcomb in Huntington, WV. She wore a night cream that was yellowish, very thick, and had a distinctive aroma. Do you remember the name of it?

  35. I am in possession of a beautiful 14k gold monogram pin that was presented to my Mother In Law. Her name, Charles of the Ritz and 1934 to 1959 are engraved on the back. This lovely pin speaks volumes as to the high regard COR felt for their sales ladies.

  36. my aunt worked at Battlesteins in Houston Texas. My understanding was that she was employed by Charles of the Ritz. She mixed powders and I inherited her powder bar when she died. I even have some if the powders. I would like to find someone who would appreciate it as I am getting rid of many of my things at this time.

  37. Dear charles of the Ritz cosmetics

    love the moisture glow revenessence


    the 1970 type

    the glowing red one

    and the range herd in the news

    it is still around

    and is to say

    release issima aquaserum long term rehyrator

    charles of the Ritz company

    saw it on an old movie die sister die

    as intense serum.

    In a plastic beauty case

    they are brown

    from 1978

    Also go on ebay revenessence charles of the Ritz

    Night product they sell so many

    hope you open them to public again

    like said in the news world wide

    hope you open in Australia sydney

    say in myer or david Jones

    moisture glow

    hope you put in a email


    Thank you

  38. I first wore Ritz Classic perfume when I was 15 (back in 1978. Wore it all the time from then until it was discontinued. The last bottle I have still has a few drops in it and I take a whiff and it brings me back to when I was a teenager. I did try Scent Matchers and they ended up sending me a duplicate of the Original Ritz (red can)…not Ritz Classic (silver). Two very different scents. I miss my Ritz Classic!!!!!

  39. I am desperately lookin for CHARLES OF THE RITZ IN MAROON CANNISTER TYPE BOTTLE .please help to locate

  40. I’m desperate for Charles of the Ritz Perfect Finish solid finish foundation Toast of the Town shade. Can you help me?

  41. I have false eyelashes from early to mid 1900s, still in round cases. Have no idea if they are worth anything. Curious. Charles of the Ritz 550-2 Dew/Brown

  42. I have a bottle of Revenesence liquid that my mother-in-law used, and she died 10 years ago. The liquid is still just as fresh as ever, and I hoarded it for a long time before beginning to use it again. There is only about a fourth of a teaspoon left, and I just saw somebody online has a bottle to sell for $475.00. Is the Rejuvenessence really the same formula? This stuff is magic. It never gets old. It is the only thing my mother in law used, and she had fabulous skin. Died at 98.
    To the one who was interested in Spring Rain: it may be a different one, but there was one that was made by Crabtree and Evelyn, and it is not being made anymore. It was my daughter’s favorite 🙁 The next best I can find is Summer Hill.

  43. Does anyone know if there is anything comparable to Charles of the Ritz Disaster Cream? It was the best and I haven’t found anything even close. Please let me know if there is something that covers and works on a blemish as well as Disaster Cream.

    1. PLEASE tell me if anyone replied to your request re: a similar product to COTR Disaster Cream! I used this as a teen (w/great results) and then it was discontinued, and in my later years with menopausal acne, I’m so desperate to find anything comparable. Such a fantastic product! Many thx!


  44. Please please bring back charles of the ritz silver can perfume it was my favourite .can anyone help me to find it

  45. Hello, does anyone know where I can find Charles of the Ritz eyeshadow from the 1980’s- early 90’s? It was several colors mixed together in one pan, such as pink & blue and bronze and gold colors. Any help would be appreciated.

  46. I was just given a bottle that I am guessing was made in 1941,the scent is called Spring Rain,there is a tiny amount in the bottom,for being so old it still smells nice,I thought the bottle was cute,really neat to find all of the history on this little bottle!

  47. Ladies I think we need to try an appeal to REVLON after all they are the reason we lost our Products basically they were not good for the image let’s start E-Mailing the company I will post the address soon

    I believe if they see our commitment this may renew their interest in the line!

  48. Nothing has ever smelled so sexy as CHARLES OF THE RITZ RED CANISTER or the SILVER ONE
    I don’t Beg for anything but this would be my exception
    Please someone here us Bring back the whole product line we’ll make you RICH!

    1. Martha, your idea of appealing to Revlon is a good one.
      Did you find the right person for us to contact?

      I don’t know why Revlon would have canceled the line.
      Charles of the Ritz was not a competitor of Revlon as the two were different markets. As others have said on this site, Charles of the Ritz was a high end product while Revlon is not.
      If Revlon kept the line, they would have had a high revenue line with a loyal following, not a competitor. It doesn’t make sense?

      But your idea is a good one. If many of us show support for Charles of the Ritz (reverence) maybe some intelligent person at Revlon will bring it back.

  49. Where oh where, is lovely perfume, Charles of the Ritz, “CR”? It was in a metal cylindrical container. . .it was a heavenly scented perfume. Where can I find this? I received so many compliments when I wore this fragrance. Sighs!

  50. I was hired as a traveling Representing for Charles of the Ritz in 1965. I traveled throughout the US for 5 years. It was a wonderful time to work in beautiful stores meeting women like all of you who enjoyed the specially blended power and Revenessence. I haven’t tried the reproduction products. It is nice to know you all remember Charles of the Ritz. MOIRA

    1. I also worked for Charles of the Ritz as a National Rep. in the 70’s. Absolutely loved the Ritz line, the women in the stores, and the company. What a wonderful time I had! I miss using Revenescence, and their cream foundation.

  51. I am 62 I started using Charles of the Ritz original when I was 16. Oh my god I miss it so much. I have an empty bottle that I smell everytime I want to feel special. There is no fragrance like it . I hope and pray that someone hear our cry , Please help!

  52. I used Ritz Classic perfume (in the silver can) and loved it. Why can’t someone produce this again??? My sister used Jean Nate and they had a whole line of different products for the bath and cologne sprays. They only make the splash now and it’s not the same. I would love to find the Ritz perfume again. If someone can help, please let me know.

  53. My Grandmother used Charles of the Ritz makeup and I can remember the fragrance (when I would hug her). Oh my! I’d love to smell that wonderful smell again. I’ll check out the YSL and Lanvin counters next time.

  54. There is currently one bottle of the original Revenescence formula on Ebay! For anyone wanting to spend $200 on skin care 🙂

  55. My late Aunt, Marie Castrigno, worked for Charles of the Ritz in NYC for 40 years. She began as a secretary and was quickly promoted through the ranks and eventually was part of the National Sales Management team. I used every line of fragrance, skin care and and cosmetic from COTR all those years (family discount) and loved them all, including Lanvin and YSL. Also, this was an extraordinary company. Very progressive, fantastic products, promoted women. A wonderful group of people. My frequent visits to the magical offices in New York from a young age left me enchanted for life. For those that write of their love of these products, I can tell you they were sold to the public by a very special group of people that did their work with pride and joy. They had a great product and great customers.

    1. Nice to read your comment. The founder of the company, Charles Jundt, was my great grandfather. Sadly, he passed a few years before I was born. I enjoy reading comments about his products.

      1. My grandfather worked as a hair dresser along side Charles. All the movie stars back then, like Judy Garland, would get their hair done by your great grandfather and my grandfather. He had a special way of cutting that if you had the straightest of hair ANYONE, he could cut it and give you natural curls. We know that perms were for that but not for Everett Flecha.

      2. There have never been any products that can compare to Charles of the Ritz products. You can be very very proud of your great grandfather. Nothing else touched my mother’s face. My first face powder was a wonderful mother/daughter experience when I received my very own magically mixed color. My mother passed at 101 looking 60! There has never been anything like Revenescense. I have a travel size of that product that I am keeping for special use only. SHAME ON REVELON!!!

  56. Hi. I used to freelance for Charles of the Ritz back in the mid-to-late 1980s. I remember reading that Charles of the Ritz bought YSL and brought everything under the YSL brand. Is this not true?
    P.S. I loved working with the C of the R product.

  57. Hello,
    I have a 2 oz. unopened, vintage bottle of Charles of the Ritz Liquid Revenescence that I am trying to date. I know it was made sometime between 1964-1986. It’s Made in the USA by Lanvin-Charles of the Ritz, Inc. and has the old label and a leaf covered box. Can anyone assist me with dating it?

    Thank you!

  58. My aunt from Nashville Tenn. sent me a jar of Charles of the Ritz face cream. It came in a small black jar. I loved it!! I live in Ontario Canada. Any stores in the states carry this product?? I will drive as far as Florida for it!

  59. I miss Ritz by Charles of the Ritz!!! A lot of people don’t realize there is a difference between the Silver canister (my fav) which is the Ritz & the Red canister. This was the first perfume I ever bought. I worked in a Mall in the 1970’s & I was so proud when people complimented my perfume. It is STILL my favorite perfume, I just can’t afford to buy the vintage at $375.00 a bottle. BRING BACK MY RITZ!

  60. Elaine.. I think the lady at Willow Lawn had worked downtown until Miller & Rhoads closed, and then she did not want to retire and so worked at that Leggett or Hess store added in the 1980s that was at the south end of Willow Lawn.

  61. I have just a tiny bit of Revenescence Liquid by Charles of the Ritz left in the orig bottle. I only use very occasionally if my face is crying out for it. I checked ebay, but no orig available. I would really love to get some more.

  62. Must correct your story: the lady who worked the Charles of the Ritz counter, and mixed powder for customers worked at the Miller & Rhoads downtown store until it closed in 1989; her name was Louise Orr; I have never seen skin like hers, it was better than mine (I was 23 at the time) and she was in her 80’s! CR sent her all the remaining ingredients from around the company and she mixed custom powder until the end. I still have the container she mixed for me!

  63. My Mom and Grandma used Revenescence and the custom blend powder. I would give anything to be able to but the moisturizer as they both had beautiful skin. It’s sad when a company does away with a high quality product.
    Any suggestions as to how to get some?

  64. I wore Charles of the Ritz foundation for many years. I bought it at high end department stores and at JCP until they quit carrying it. It was beautiful, and I’ve never found anything to replicate it. I also used the loose powder. I loved RITZ perfume, too. Sure wish they still made this stuff.

  65. Charles of the Ritz had a eye stick it was FAB! I’m from South Africa and.the results of Ritz were amazing. We also had Helena Rubenstine which is a another good product. But sadly not in our country anymore. Anybody have ingredients.

  66. Has anyone contacted revelon marketing to ask why this was discontinued

  67. Trying to source a very similar fragrance or someone that could re-create “Ritz” in the silver and burgundy metal canister by Charles of the Ritz. Loved it, was very special.

  68. I sold Charles Of The Ritz products in Abraham & Straus Deptment Stores (now Macys) in N.Y. before Revlon bought the brand. Revenescence was an amazing cult product that delivered. After a 25+ year career in the cosmetics industry in Training, Marketing and Product Development for Borghese, Arden and Lauder; I can honestly say there was nothing else close to Revenescence. Revlon’s Eterna 27 is probably the most results oriented 2nd but is definitely for dry skin. According to the US Patent Office in DC the Ritz Hotel chain has bought the rights to the “Charles of the Ritz” trademark and name. Let’s all hope a comeback is in the works. Until then Eterna 27 (Walgreens) or Borghese’s Cura di Vita are worth trying.

  69. Has anyone tried the Sherry Lane duplicate for Liquid Revenescence? Does anyone have a list of the ingredients in the original. I have an empty bottle, but the ingredients were listed on the box not the bottle. Thanks


  71. @ Cyndy; Ellen Johnson there is a site called Scentmatchers that would love to have the sent to recreate for you.Please email me if you have them process it for you. Thanks!
    Scentmatchers LLC
    RMA: 647816
    P.O. Box 1550
    Gaylord, MI 49734

  72. My aunt worked for Battlesteins in Houston, TX for maybe 35 yrs. She was a Charles of the Ritz powder blender, trained in New York. I have her powder blending station and numerous bags of powder. I would like to sell it. I still have a bit of my powder that she would blend for me. Not sure what will happen when it is gone.

  73. Charles of the Ritz was my signature fragrance – until I too sadly could not find it anywhere from the midwest to the south. I have many a small spritz of it in one of my many original cannisters – Happy to see so many others loved & missed the scent! Revlon must not hear our cries for it’s return!

  74. I have known of Revenescence by Charles of the Ritz since I was 5 years old. I am now 55. I used to have to help put my mother’s makeup on at that age because she was paralyzed from an auto accident. Aside from that ridiculous sounding notion, I was mesmerized by her vanity that had pretty glass powder holders, various lipsticks, Revlon rouge in a bottle & that “special” black glass bottle of Revenescence by Charles of the Ritz. I didn’t care for the “weird” smell back then, but it was a must for my mother. She told me one day that it was a “miracle in a bottle”. I conjured up Genies & wild imaginings for some odd smelling liquid that was almost magical!
    Forward 15 years. I began to use this very same moisturizer because it really did make my skin even more supple at 20 (whose isn’t?) I had grown fond of the scent (not smelly to me now) & have used it to this day 2013 at night. I heard from a Penny’s employee that they might be discontinued & panicked. I bought as much as I could afford & refrigerated it. After they ran out for good I went on eBay & bought more! The prices got to be outrageous, but I didn’t care. I am down to my last bit now sadly & my skin REALLY needs it. I look much younger than my years…maybe mom was right, it was a miracle in a bottle? I have no earthly idea why such a wonderful product would be discontinued unless it had something toxic in it? Would someone PLEASE give me an answer? Is it possible to resurrect this wonderful product? Of course it is! Please do so!!!

  75. I used Charles of the Ritz from my mid twenties until Penneys stopped carrying it. My face was still breaking out when i first started using it. It cleared up in less than a month. Nothing can beat Ritz. It was so pure. My face felt wonderful. People noticed how good I looked. My mother started using it. PLEASE. bring the original formulas back!

  76. I, too, am looking for Charles of the Ritz Special Formula Emolient. I have very dry skin and it was the only thing that made a difference. Do you suppose we could petition Revlon to bring back the line? It was fabulous stuff!

  77. Hi All,
    I will be listing a tub of vintage Charles of the Ritz Revenescence Powderglow Translucent ll on eBay later this evening at approx 8pm 17.11 12 .
    It has been used only a couple of times in the past but almost full. Complete with original puff, sieve and powder cover.

  78. I worked for Ritz as a national beauty consultant in the early 70’s. Revenescence was also used at the Mayo Clinic on burn victims. Wonder if Revlon continued to sale the product to them.

  79. I loved Charles of the Ritz mascara. It has been many years since Ive used it. I can not find it anywhere. It is the best mascara I have ever used. If you could advise me I live in the Buffalo area. Thank you

  80. I too loved the earlier Charles of the Ritz in the Silver checkered can and would buy it again in a heart beat. Notice there are the occasional items on e bay and a few other sites selling for $200 and up. Surely that would be an indication to perfumers that this would be an excellant choice to re introduce.

  81. You can find Charles of the Ritz Revenescence products (liquid and Creme de Revenesence)
    in a replicated formula on eBay. It’s called REJUVENESSENCE, and comes in black and silver packaging, like the original. Put:

    Charles of theRitzRevenessence/Rejuvenessence in the eBay search box It’s great! I bought some for my mom and she is thrilled and bought more.

    They also offer scented body lotion and scented Body Butter in Charles of the Ritz “Original” scent.

  82. I loved RITZ ! It smelled like cinnamon and came in a pretty silver can. I would buy it agin in a heart beat.

  83. Used highlighter that could never find again. Beautiful bottle with the best product I ever used. Even Ritz counters in various Dept stores didn’t know What I was talking about. Anyone ever usethis? Know of it? Heard of it? The bottle said Charles of the Ritz.
    Also, would like more info on the slate plaque.

  84. Interested in more information about slate plaque. I was given a bottle of Ritz highlighter or cover cream as a very young woman. Itwas fabulous! I saved the bottle for many years; but, unfortunately, it is gone. I tried several couters

  85. im trying to find charles of the ritz disaster cream it was so good for break outs thanks please bring it back loved all there cosmetics

  86. Hello!
    I am wondering if any of you fine readers happen to know if there are any still-existing high-end compat manufacturers out there? I know Charles of the Ritz used to make them…any leads appreciated!

  87. I am trying to find

    Charles of Ritz Revenescence Powderglow

    Loose Powder Col: Translucent II, started using

    it 35 years ago, when working in a fashion shop

    where we were also stockist for C.O.Ritz make up

    &perfume. Have purchased it from JC Penney in

    USA, and mail order from Beauty Rose USA,but

    no longer available……. Have tried several other

    French makes, but none come close to colour.!

    Can anyone help please ? Anne Cornwall U.K.

  88. I have recently acquired a slate plaque, 24″x16″x1″
    which reads:-

    Would anyone be interested in having this.

  89. P.S. about Sherry Lane: She was marketing her product as RitzEssence, but the Paris Ritz hotel enlisted its attorneys to demand she not use the name Ritz or other trademarks, even though Revlon discontinued Revenessence. Her customers raved over Revenessence and are pleased to see its reincarnation at Sherry Lane Cosmetics. If you’re looking for a wonderful Christmas present, try her website!

  90. Revenessence seekers!

    Sherry Lane (NYC) re-created Revenessence because her mom and other ladies of a certain age also lamented the loss of their favorite moisturizing cream. You can buy it through her website, listed above:

  91. I use revenesscense for more than 20 years. I bought tha last bottle in Ebay 3 years ago. still loking for something similar like that one but nothing works.. REVLON WHY DID YOU DISSAPEARED my cream??????

    1. Still some for sale on eBay

    2. I agree.My mom used this .She got my sister’s and I hooked on it,too.We haven’t found anything better.

  92. Well, this article was first published on April 2009.
    So it is obvious that Revlon has no intention or means of reviving the RITZ wonderous product.
    Wake up Revlon – why not read the above
    responses and act upon them.

  93. I thought that I was the only woman in the world who was heartbroken when my favourite perfume by Charles of the Ritz (RITZ) was discontinued, it is a comfort to know there are other ladies out there who, like myself, pray that they launch these beautiful fragrances and products back into our stores in England again.

  94. please bring it back i need it. I live in New Orleans La. And please put it in Macy’s and Dilliard’s again.

  95. looking for something that compares with charles of the ritz Special formula emollient. so far, have found nothing. tha nk you

  96. i am looking for the chas of the ritz special formula emollient. that was the best and there is nothing on the market today that compares. help, if uknow of some compay that sells this item please let me know.

  97. We made you what you are by buying your products for the past 50 years and now you leave us high and dry with a stinky over scented Jean Nate’ After Bath Splash? You ruined the original. At least let us have an option of buying the older version or the new smelly version. Let me tell you the new stuff can go down the toilet bowl before I go around smelling like that! Gross and way over the edge smell wise!!! YUCK!!

  98. I have a whole set of charles of the ritz never been touch. perfume lotion and power in a greenish box.

    1. Do you have revenescence?


    1. Yes please bring it back!!!

  100. Help.I too along with all the others,would love to see the face cream come back.we want it back.
    please help..Thanks

  101. Please inform which stores in Florida sell the Charles of the Ritz cosmetics.
    I interested in the face nutrition lotion, yellow in appearance and transparent.
    Thank you

  102. Hi there,
    I’m interested in Charles of the Ritz cosmetics. I have used it and I promoted it many years ago from JL Morrison in the 1970’s, and it’s one of the best. I would like very much to see Charles of the Ritz cosmetics in Singapore again. Maybe the company could sell the products by getting someone or so-called agent to promoted door-to-door sales or just like party in friends house. I know when JL Morrison took the brand they had a target given by Charles of the Ritz company and they couldn’t make it so they had to discontinue it. If there is a way I would like to promote it again as representative…

  103. I never wore anything but Carrington Cologne until it was no longer available. I know it was the best cologne I ever bought. I would have all my female friends sniffing me and asking what and where they could buy it for their husbands, lol. I found some on eBay but only the splash. That cologne needs to come back!

  104. I live in Germany and for years I used Charles of he Ritz cosmetics – the best eye cream and throat creame I ever had, the most beautiful eyeshadow etc. etc. Why did it disappear? Does anybody know whether I can still find Charles of the Ritz cosmetics at all in Europe, especially in Great Britain (London) where I am staying quite often.
    Thanks for your help

  105. You are wrong about the lady in Richmond, Va. She worked for Miller & Rhoads until retiring at 90. I worked for Charles of the Ritz in Charlottesville, Va. at Fashion Sq. Mall for Miller & Rhoads for 13 years.Mrs. Orr in Richmond taught me a lot. I continue to use the products now. Thank You

    1. Hello, I was reminiscing about my mom (passed away in 2018) who was soooo devoted to Charles of the Ritx and when I was little travelled to Richmond Va to shop at Miller & Rhodes late 60’s/70’s and she met with Louise Orr at the Charles of the Ritz desk and Mrs Orr would customize her make up.

  106. I used Charles of the Ritz deoderant until I could no longer find it. I have not been able to find a deodorant that works as good as Charles of the Ritz did. PLEASE bring it back.

  107. Hello Diane Smith:

    I have just checked with ebay and there is a whole collection of Chas. of the Ritz products, fragrances and all.

    I loved working for them, and loved the products.

    Best wishes,
    Anne Schofield
    San Diego

  108. I used Charles of the Ritz for years, until I could no longer even find it. I would still wear it as my signature fragrance if I could find it. I now wear Creed Love in White, but to tell you the truth, I prefer my old Charles of the Ritz. I recently found an old container of it that still has the scent, and I thought I might try to have it copied. Anyone know who can do that?

    1. there is also the replicate perfumes not made anymore

    2. I am also looking for copies of this. Perfume Parlour in the UK do a copy but it is out of stock. Their copies are very good (well, the ones I have tried so far) so perhaps if you go to their site and search for Charles Reetz for Women (which is the name they have given to it) and press the Add to Waiting List, they might think about making more. The link is Hopefully, they post to US. xx


  110. What department stores in the Springfield and Joplin, Missouri area can I find these products. So far I have been unable to locate any ot the Charles of the Ritz perfumes in this area,

    1. Go to ebay, you may find it

  111. Anne..Thank you for the great history! I really appreciate the recollections.

    Quite a testament to say “their products worked.”

    1. I used to go the the sales at the company in hazlet by in the 1970s. I remember having jean mate in 1970, I used opium from the late 70s till I switched to Angel as,my fav, still use it sometimes, but the smell used to have a powdery scent and now its strong, but as a teenager I used. Toilet water. The cologne and perfume are too strong but remind me of being married in the 80s. I would spray it on the vacuum bag and the home would smell like opium. I had a bottle of lotion that I bought at the factory sale, it was a thick lotion that smelled so nice, but I broke the bottle and never found it again. I looked up Charles of the rot after eating journey back to christmaa, the talked about Paris moon and it was the same. Was moon over Paris and Paris moon the same thing. They said it was the most popular in th 40s. A lady I knew in the 80s wore it. She was probably in her 70s back them,in moved and lost track when I lost my address book and couldn’t reach her and didn’t know her daughters married name. …. Just reminiscing…..

  112. Hello Garland:

    I worked for Charles of the Ritz from 1970 to 1975. Also, I met Way Wandy on several occasions while I was in New York.

    I loved my job traveling as national consultant for Charles of the Ritz. Late 1972 I signed a 2 year contract to work in South Africa for the company. I ended up staying 14 years and went freelance as a professional make-up artist which I did for 12 years. I returned to the USA in 1986, now living in San Diego.

    I loved Charles of the Ritz, and the New York office had one of the best management teams I have ever worked with. Their products worked.
    About 1998 I last saw Charles of the Ritz at JC Penny in a West Los Angeles Mall. I bought a bottle of Revenessence, which I held onto for years, even when it was empty.

    Anne Schofield

    1. Thank you so much Do you have any one special line I could use now that is great as his wasb

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