Dorothy Gray and Tussy, Where Are You?

When Ascendia Brands went bankrupt, they sold a number of brands to new owners. One of the most storied brands was Dorothy Gray, which sold, with the Tussy deodorant line, for $1 milllion to KCM Brands LLC, according to Reuters.

While production has resumed on other Ascendia brands like Mr. Bubble that went to new owners, consumers are still asking BrandlandUSA about Dorothy Gray’s Satura cream and Tussy.

We have been unable to find out about KCM Brands LLC, and the return of production. Any ideas?


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  1. i live in north carolina the o ly store that gets it is roses they havent had it in months i came to Alabama and they dont have it here either they said they dont have it either and havent had it in months its the only one that works i have tried 6 different ones they dont work for me. please tell me can i order from you directly

  2. will Tussy roll on deodorant for sale in stores be brought back?

  3. I miss terribly Coty,Tussy and Dorothy Gray,love the makeup colors of the 60’s they had,please bring them back.

  4. Dear Sirs:

    My fervent wish would be to have the old Midnight Tussy Cologne resurface. What a fabulous aroma. Never matched anywhere. Why isn’t someone producing this?


  5. My family has been using tussy roll and cream since the fifties . the old tussy did not irriate your under arm did not stain your clothes tussy had a clean fresh smell please bring it back !!!!!!!!!! It beats all the other deo their odor is sickening If you happen to forget your deo it would hold your body odor down for a day or so it wasn’t hard on your pocketbook either

  6. Where can I find Dorothy Gray Anti per spirant-deod.
    Best ever !!! Used it for years. Please help me down here in the Southern Hemisphere

  7. I still see Tussy deodorant cream in WalMart.

    1. never seen it in walmart

  8. where can I find Dorothy Gray Midnight Skin perfume????

  9. Where can I find dorthy grey eye cream. Besteyecream ever invented

  10. Bring the original TUSSY BACK PLEASE!!!!!!

  11. I agree with jo0seh burnette’s remark. Can’t say it any better. I have used this product all my life. I am 59 and my mother gave me this little white and red jar when I was about 12 or 13 and said “USE THIS”! I have used it ever since. Nothing else works on my chemistry like “TUSSY” I don’t know what I am going to do when I can’t find this anymore. Please don’t stop production of this heirloom product that sooooooo many of us still love and trust to do the job it is intended to do. It works like no other. And yes, I will glady pay more for it.

  12. Please for all that is good and profitable put Tussy cream deodorant back in the CVS stores and The Family Dollar stores. We want Tussy bad. Tussy cream deodorant is the best. Please bring it back and leave it this time. If you raise the price we will still buy it.

  13. I have been serching for Tussy roll on in Houston, TX. It is the only deodorant that doesn’t irritate my underarms. I always purchased all there were in the store as they became harder to find. Please make this product available again. I will order it now but will keep looking in the stores.

  14. i have looked every where i could please send some to the family dollar store.

  15. TUSSY where are you??????? I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW!! It’s been 37yrs I’ve been using it. I bought all that I could find awhile ago now I have 2-3 days left of it SO WHAT AM I TO DO???? Does anyone know where I can find it? So glad to know I’m not the only one because my kids think I’m crazy cause they do not like Tussy.

  16. I’ve been using Tussy’s for 60 years. Please bring it back to the Family Dollar stores. Nothing else works. Why should we have to order on line & payshipping charges? Please, please, bring it back.

  17. oh my Gosh, i thought that i was the only person in search of this product, ‘Tussy’! I have been searching desperately for it. My mother introduced me to Tussy as a child and i’ve been using it for over 40 yrs. it is THE BEST! nothing else works for me. the new n improved version still works, but very irritating and causes itching and burning. does anyone know where i might can buy the original version? please help!

  18. I depend on the deoderant too, but Noone mentions the fragrance which I’d love to find duplicated; anyone help?? Thanks RSB

  19. Am online trying to find out what happened to Tussy. My extended family has used for the last 40 years, only thing that works for us. Please bring back to stores.

  20. Where can we buy Tussy roll-on orig formula for close to its normal cost – some web sites are selling it for 3x the amount then charging S&H.
    Thats ridiculous!

  21. I have also been looking for Tussy roll-on (red/white label). Wall-Mart in Florida had it – when I was on vac there 2 yrs ago or more I bought all they had. Now they don’t stock it anymore nor does any place else in NJ/Florida.
    This stuff works! its inexpensive & lasts . Pls get it back in production again – orig formula


  23. why did u try to do pull that trick.tussy is the only real thing left

  24. BRING TUSSY BACKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. how could you eveen try that trick.bring tussy back it is the only real thing left.

  26. I’ve been all over looking for it for my mother. She’s been using it for about 50 years. It’s the only one … Please bring back the original formula ASAP!

  27. Please bring Tussy Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant back
    The cost of s/h does cost more than the TUSSY ITSELF….

  28. I wholeheartedly agree with Marilyn. My 84-year old father has been sending us to store after store after store looking for Tussy. Finally thought I’d check online and am finding out what has happened. Going to order it online for him and make a sweet man very happy!

  29. I am absolutely livid. I live in GEORGIA and my family has used TUSSY cream deodorant all my life,I usually find it at the local family dollar store,and I buy 20 at a time. If I had known that there would ever be a shortage of this life long friend,I would have cleared every shelf in every store near me. Please restock our shelves with this amazing product. Consider this a Christmas present to all of us who are loyal to this product. Thanks in advance.

  30. I’ve been using Tussy roll on deodorant for over 30 years and all the stores stopped carrying it. I’ve gone on line and found it on several sites but the S&H is more than the cost of the product. Even by the case the package would be small and not very heavy. Why such a pricey S&H. Walmart and CVS do not carry the roll on. Any ideas?

  31. Is there any way to find out if the Dorothy Gray Orange Blossom tonic will come back. I used it as a young lady and would like to know if I can get it again as a woman approaching 50.
    Thank you for getting back to me.
    Kristin Hughes

  32. Dear Representative for Dorothy Gray Products,
    I pruchased a jar of Satura Moisture Cream, Basic formula for a gift for my friend who has used Satura for a great many years. She and I were both shocked to find one of the ingrediants to be Red 40 dye. This can be absorbed through the skin and cause cancer.
    Please research this concern. I am returning the jar to you. Nancy B. Miller

  33. Sorry on the spelling the name is “Givenchy”

  34. I am writing an article on the history and evolution of cosmetics in the USA. I would appreciate and biographical info on Dorotthy Gray.Products, and paticularly “Secrets of the Sea” cosmetics. Any information will be greatly appreciated and credited in my article. Thank you!
    P.S, I worked as a makeup artist for Dorothy Gray and Givench Cosmetics, but I had a fire and all my archives were destroyed.
    Mario Montalvo

  35. Yes i been using this product for years it’s the only deodrant that keeps me fresh all day, can’t find it anywhere so i wish some one would start selling it again please.

  36. Does anyone know where the Dorothy Gray Satura Lotion, not the cream, can be purchased?
    Thank you.

  37. Please bring Tussy Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant back, please. I bought several from Amazon too. I am down to my last one and going to start searching again. It has always worked best for me and I have tried a bunch of different brands! Please, please, please.

  38. Teresa Hetnar // Sep 12, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    I sure would like the old version of Tussy deodorant back. I bought a couple jars from CVS Pharmacy. Used it one time and it burnt my underarms. I grew up using this product as my mother and grandmother used it. Please bring back the old formula
    Nan: I totally agree with the above statement. I have used Tussy for over fifty years but the ‘stuff ‘ distrubuted by KCM brands does not measure up to quality of the product produced and distributed by Ascendia. The KCM product is not smooth and creamy and does not go on smoothly, residue is left on the fingers after application. It has also irritated my skin. I also purchased the KCM Tussy at CVS and am very disappointed at the products quality. I ask you to bring back the original product.

  39. Please bring Tussy back. I like many of the others are allergic to any other deodorant. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  40. I wonder why they changed the formula? Seriously ppl, if it aint broke don’t fix it. I bought a bunch of tussy from Amazon. Don’t bother with Ebay, they are slow. I’ve been waiting for a month..what do you expect with a ceo like Meg Whitman. Anyway, Why is is that when there’s a good thing, America decides to destroy it. Look, people want the old unimproved version of tussy deoderant back. It’s the only thing that actually works.
    Please bring it BACK!!!!! PLEASE!!

  41. quiero saber porque ya no es la misma formula de la crema SATURA DOROTHY GRAY ,,no se si no es la original o queee pero yo les digo que la gente no estamos contentos con la formula nueva no es la misma CALIDAD no me GUSTAPARA NADA y boy a de crema por que ya no me gsuta la formula que hicieron tengo 17 anos usando la crema satura pero ya no es la misma de antes porfavor vuelvan con la misma formula se los pido QUIERO LA ORIGINAL ORIGINAL ORIGINAL

  42. porfavor vuelvan a vender la crema SATURA esa crema es la mejor que hay pero vendanla al precio que siempre ha tenido ,, ultimamente la crema no es la misma calidad no se si sea porque la encargo de mexico porque aqui en u.s.a no la he encontrado jamas tengo buscandola 2 anos y no hay masssssssss.. vuelve original crema satura dorothy gray

  43. Please bring back the old formulat of Tussy cream deodorant. Why did you take the talcum powder out of the formula? People by and large prefer the original formula. This is one product that didn’t need improvement. An oldie, but goodie.

  44. Please bring back the old formula of tussy. It is the only brand that doesn’t leave me with an itchy rash. I would love to be able to buy it locally too.

  45. Since Mum went out of business, I have been
    enjoying using Tussy cream deodorant as It
    does not cause my sebaceous glands to flare up-
    It’s an excellent product-Would love to see it
    again in its original formula.

  46. Since Mum went out of business; I have enjoyed
    using Tussy cream deodorant which does not
    cause my sebaceous glands to block; please
    restore the product in its old formula-Thank

  47. Is it being manufactured using the old formula or the “new and improved” formula that didn’t work?

  48. Tussy is back in manufacturing and can be found at CVS and Family $ stores nationwide.
    Also, many national distributors are carrying the product and supplying local stores.

  49. I just purchased Tussy at the Dollar General. It does say New and Improved. But what is the difference does anyone know how they made it before? Or what ingredients it had in it? I would greatly appreciate it very much…. Please post. I hate to go by more and wish I had the old version. But I have nothing to compare it to….

  50. Where in the Memphis, Tn area can I get Tussy
    cream deodorant.

  51. I am allergic to most of the deodorants on the market – even the antiallergy ones! I have used Tussy for over 50 years and it always works well, never breaks me out, and never stains my clothes. I join the others in saying, “Please bring Tussy back in it previous form and on store shelves!!” It is inconvenient to have to order it online.

  52. I have been searching for Tussy deodorant also. You can find Dorothy Gray Satura on Amazon at the moment.

  53. I agree with all the other people that have written to you, please bring back Tussy roll on it’s the only one that work’s for me.

  54. Tussy roll-on antiperp/deo has to be the best ever, and sells without any advertising, so why is the new owner holding the production up – was it bought in order to stop production because it was a major competitor (and more profitable) of another brand owned by KCM?

    Any chance KCM is producing the same product under a different name?

  55. I have been using Tussy Roll-on for years. It was the only brand that did cause me to itch or get irritated. Where can I buy it? Are you still producing it?

  56. I have used Tusst deodarant for many years. I have been able to find a store in the area that has Tussy. Please let me know where I can ourchase it or can I purchase a quantity directly from you?

  57. I sure would like the old version of Tussy deodorant back. I bought a couple jars from CVS Pharmacy. Used it one time and it burnt my underarms. I grew up using this product as my mother and grandmother used it. Please bring back the old formula.

  58. Do you just call the KCM brand,LLC and we can set an order for TUssy again????? Where are they selling? Is the only one that works. THE same old version.

  59. Tussy wasn’t Tussy under Ascendia. KCM Brands please bring back the old unimproved version!!! Tussy was working perfectly for 70 years. Imagine, some items don’t need improving, especially when you change the key uniqueness of the product and make it like all others.

  60. Here’s contact information for KCM Brands.

    KCM Brands, LLC (Tussy & Dorothy Gray)
    2182 Route 35 South
    Holmdel, NJ 07733

    * Phone: 1-732-203-0900

  61. PLEASE step up production of TUSSY Deodorant. The stores in Nashville are unable to keep the shelves stocked. Friends in Georgia are experiencing the same.

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