VERONA, Penn. – A good summer drink for kids has water, color, sugar and some sort of taste. Make it cheap, and slightly clever, and you have the perennial bestselling summer treat, the Little Hug Fruit Barrel. The Little Hug debuted in 1974, when Watergate was the issue, and overtlyMORE HERE

PLANO, Texas – 7Up has a taken an all of the above to the use of its logo on new packages. The brand is using an array of previous 7Up logos on their packaging, beginning with their earliest formats, a square with the 7up in the middle. The program isMORE HERE

ST. LOUIS – The Netflix drama Outer Banks has cleverly reintroduced the teen mystery format to a new audience. The show, which has started a second season, also has introduced a real Southern aesthetic to television. Peppered are mentions of brands, from Grady White boats to the Save A LotMORE HERE

NORWICH, Vt. –– King Arthur Baking Company is launching four new pancake mixes, a Gluten-free Confetti Cake mix, and an organic masa harina. The company said that these new products are the result of market research and insights from the past year, when millions took up home backing as they wereMORE HERE

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Winn-Dixie, a unit of Southeastern Grocers, is making a strong push at promoting smaller regional brands at its Florida stores, including the sausage brands Roger Wood, Registers and Nettles. Southeastern Grocers in March also announced a push at increasing the number of minority-owned brands sold at theMORE HERE

ISTANBUL — The Kraft Heinz Company will purchase Assan Foods from the privately held Turkish company Kibar Holding in a deal that values the enterprise at approximately $100 million. Assan Foods is a sauce-focused business with manufacturing facilities in Balikesir and Izmir that has been a production partner for KraftMORE HERE

Promoting regional food manufacturers and suppliers is good business. But national retailers have been aggressive about getting rid of smaller suppliers, preferring to reduce the number of SKUs, or products, and allowing manufacturers to buy up and fill up center aisles. These trends go in cyles; the chain like WalmartMORE HERE