Has it come to this? Perhaps we shouldn’t begrudge anyone making some jack on licensing their name out, and we are happy that a Friend of Hef is now known as a protective mom in some circles. In America, that’s progress. According to Brandweek‘s Becky Ebenkamp, the former Playboy bunnyMORE HERE

You know the re-naming process—advertising folks gather in a room and cook up words, run them by trademark attorneys and focus groups, massage them with art direction, and bill companies for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They then send out all sorts of brand rules, and make folks on theMORE HERE

It’s time for Romper Room. Again. A Chicago company, River West Brands, has re-registered the defunct brand name, according to the USPTO. If you lived at the tail end of the baby boom and into Generation X, you remember Romper Room. It was a brilliant concept, led by Baltimore schoolteacherMORE HERE

So it’s not the same as having a life as the main FM in New York at the frequency 102.7, but it’s close. CBS Radio has brought back the album oriented rock station WNEW as an online radio station. No longer is it an artifact of radio history. Thankfully, aMORE HERE

Target now sells the U.K.’s Boots-branded health and beauty products in their U.S. discount stores. CVS is now selling out of Boots No7 Restore & Renew Beauty Serum. Why is this of interest to BrandlandUSA, which is usually concerned with reviving dead brands? Because the success of the Boots productsMORE HERE

The Pan Am brand continues to thrive over a decade after it first died. The new luggage company Pan Am One has licensed the brand for luggage, reports London’s Financial Times. The new Pan Am site Pan Am One has old ads, retro music and ordering information. A long listMORE HERE