There is something very 1970s about The Club pre-mixed martinis. Is it the idea that it is somehow too difficult to mix vermouth and gin? Or that it is too hard to find a cup, and you can use the top to drink it? That’s the question we asked ourselvesMORE HERE

Bourbon is one of the anti-fashion drinks, and Mattingly & Moore is one of those anti-fashion brands. Rarely advertised and founded in 1876, it lives at liquor stores with an aging core audience and some devoted younger fans who find it hip. From Bardstown, Kentucky, it resides in a landMORE HERE

The esteemed food critic Pongo Twistleton, who wrote for the weekly newspaper The Richmond State, disagreed with the drink Zima and thought it was lame in so many ways. Turns out that MillerCoors has eliminated the brand, which makes Pongo so very happy. The story from Brandweek is below. HERE

Great American brand names, when they return, not only elicit a burst of happy nostalgia, they can also make consumers buy things. Such is the case of the reintroduction of original formula Schlitz beer. Schlitz, with its unforgettable “Go for the Gusto” campaign, was one of the great national beerMORE HERE