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Glassware is the perfect thing to buy American. Much of the production can be automated, and just-in-time demands can make American manufacture more competitive. In addition, good glassware is something that is used over and over, right in front of consumers, and so a “Made in USA” label is something that sticks out every time you put a glass in the dishwasher. MORE HERE

For those who like old brands, having ones around the kitchen always satisfies, as they are reminders of when American companies made enduring products that were useful, practical and handsome. Such is the case with Tru-Edge, a brand of knife steel or sharpener. I have one; I think it cameMORE HERE

That there can be small companies that make just a few products and stay independent is evidenced by Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing. The company was born in the 1880s, when a traveling salesman name Al Stewart carried around a family concoction. He sold the rights to a fellow named Luther Ford inMORE HERE

PALMYRA, Penn. – If you like Lebanon bologna, there is only one brand, Seltzer’s. Made and smoked by hand in Palmyra Pennsylvania, Selzter’s was founded by Harvey Seltzer, who “created a unique blend of pure beef and spices in 1902, his bologna was so popular that he began commercial production andMORE HERE