TEANECK, N.J. — As a promotion for the centennial of Walt Disney, the camera maker Leica Camera AG has released a special edition Leica Q2 “Disney 100 Years of Wonder” camera. The camera is decorated with sketches from early Mickey Mouse cartoons. The Leica company said in a press releaseMORE HERE

LAKE BUENA VISTA – If customers want it, then bring it back. That’s the lesson of Walt Disney World’s groovin’ treehouse cabins, which opened in 1975, and were demolished in 2002. They were simple structures, up one story in the trees, and were cousins to the raised treehouses at skiMORE HERE

We just thought this was fun. It’s at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. A brilliant opportunity for brand promotion. Play-Doh began in 1956, developed by Rainbow Crafts in Cincinnati and is first sold in the toy department of Woodward & Lothrop Department Store in Washington, D.C. It later became part ofMORE HERE

The idea of changing up your food brand with special new flavors and promotions appears to be getting out of hand. This week, the idea went completely shark-jump mad, with the launch of a limited edition cotton candy-flavored French’s catsup in Canada. The promo is available at special pop-ups inMORE HERE

The P.R. agency Ruder Finn just released a survey on consumers and companies that take positions on issues. The most important thing, or so says a new survey, is for companies to respond to consumers. The survey is called “Collaboration & Consensus: Do Consumers Feel Heard?” It asked whether consumersMORE HERE

OMAHA – Mutual of Omaha will release a new television version of the classic Wild Kingdom this January 2023. The series, subtitled “Protecting the Wild,” premieres on Jan. 2 at noon CST on RFD-TV. The series, hosted by Peter Gros, will be available for free on WildKingdom.com starting Jan. 4.MORE HERE