To see how China operates in the world, take a look at the return of the once-English MG automobile to Europe. The MG brand, now under Chinese ownership, dates from 1924. The initials are said to stand for Morris Garages. Entrepreneur William Morris was the Henry Ford of England; TheMORE HERE

May 3, CBS is bringing back movies. Precisely CBS Sunday Night at the Movies. CBS announced plans to bring back Sunday movies featuring five films from their sister Paramount Pictures library. They include Forrest Gump, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,MORE HERE

Many companies, large and small, are faced with the idea that a brand name might die off, might have died off or be struggling. Macy’s killed off great brands like Marshall Field’s, Burdine’s, A&S, May Company, Foley’s and the like. They lost massive market share, and did not have to. TheirMORE HERE