For this 2009 Super Bowl, advertisers like Coca-Cola and Heineken are planning notable commercials. Here are some of the ads to look for: Coke Zero: Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu takes on the starring role in “Mean Troy,” a new Coke Zero ad that puts an unexpected twist on the iconicMORE HERE

New Poll Says That More Watch For Ads Super Bowl advertising is a big draw for viewers, with over 54 percent of U.S. adults who expect to watch Super Bowl XLIII planning to tune in as much or more for the commercials as for the game, according to a pollMORE HERE

We had a request from a BrandlandUSA reader to find Wolff Freres, A Man’s Cologne. Luckily, we had an old Esquire 35th Anniversary edition from October of 1968, and that magazine had an image of the bottle in an advertisement. But we wondered what happened to the cologne and theMORE HERE

Much of old radio has been forgotten, except for a thriving collector industry that has, with the promise of modest returns, preserved a whole segment of American culture for posterity. One of the better known sellers is the Old Time Radio Catalog. BrandlandUSA caught up with Jon Folk, owner ofMORE HERE

These days, the Brand Manager is a sort of oracle. Everyone talks about their “brand” and what happens to “brands” and protecting “the brand.” And even though there are brand managers everywhere, we wonder how great brand names could be lost, or be ruined. How are brands like Sears, Mercury,MORE HERE

For people who love classic advertising, there are few commercials more irresistible than the TV ads of The Himmel Group. While Himmel Group is not well known, its former brands and ads are. There is that Doan’s Pills “back” and the Porcelana lady. Brands associated with Himmel over the yearsMORE HERE

The news that Chinese automaker CAIC will restart production of the MG signals a new era, and a good one. For the last 20 years, Western countries have suffered as production has moved offshore and once-great American brand names and manufacturing companies and divisions have been either shut down (Oldsmobile)MORE HERE