The Adams brand is one of the greatest in gum, equal to Wrigley. For decades, they were part of Warner-Lambert, they then became part of Pfizer and were later sold to Cadbury, to form Cadbury Adams. In the 1970s, they led gum, with brands like Dentyne, Trident, Bubblicious and standbysMORE HERE

A new Entenmann’s at the Publix store at The Landings in Sarasota most precisely looks like a Hostess display. It was not like Entenmann’s at all, but instead directly resembled the Hostess display assortments of the 1970s, namely cupcakes and fruit pies. Hostess, no longer aggressive about its advertising andMORE HERE

Before there was Gatorade or Tropicana, there was Celo. Information on the forgotten drink Celo is on Lucy Jones’¬†Florida History blog. It’s about a Sarasota (that’s where I am!) drink called Celo. It was made with celery, apparently grown in the celery fields in eastern Sarasota County. The fields wereMORE HERE

Once an institution in New York, Bartons Confections candy is still around. Founded in 1898, their site says that it was in 1938 that the company was started by Viennese candy maker Stephen Klein, a first store Bartons Salon De Chocolat Shops in the New York area. Klein came toMORE HERE

KANSAS CITY – It started at a wedding reception in Kansas City, Missouri in 1945. Walter Bogdon rolled hard candy into sticks, and then decided to dump them into chocolate. Thus was born Bogdon’s Reception Stick. Many other products of the Bogdon Candy Company Inc. have since been introduced includingMORE HERE