Shaheen made Hawaii-print shirts famous Just a big mahalo to Alfred Shaheen, the man who not only made Hawaiian shirts famous and in the process helped gave Hawaii an identity after statehoood. He died in December. Shaheen was Lebanese, and started making Hawaiian shirts just after World War II. ItMORE HERE

BATON ROUGE – Haspel is one of those great American brands, best known for inventing the seersucker suit. It was founded in 1909, which means that this year is the centennial. Happy 100 years, you great looking suit! It is so true. So true. Southern men feel better in aMORE HERE

The menswear company Anderson-Little has returned. Best yet, it is the original family, and their signature product, their blue blazers, are American-made. The company was founded in Fall River, Mass. in 1933, at the height of the Depression by Morris B. Anderson as one of the early factory showrooms. ByMORE HERE

PALM BEACH, NEW YORK – A revived Lilly Pulitzer retail operation has opened a boutique on the Upper East Side of Manhattan at 1020 Madison Avenue. The story of Lilly Pulitzer, of how she opened up a juice stand in Palm Beach, started printing up some fabric, sold it asMORE HERE