Mrs. Beasley was my favorite doll. Just like Buffy on Family Affair. (Above, Mrs. Beasley sits on a chair as Uncle Bill explains the birds and bees.) I don’t know if Mrs. Beasley was created for the show or if she was a popular doll made more popular by theMORE HERE

NEW YORK – The FAO catalog is out. Christmas is coming. Sure as the turn of leaves along the Taconic Parkway, the iconic New York toy retailer FAO Schwarz has released its fall offerings, this year with the Muppets on the cover. No matter the misery on Wall Street, atMORE HERE

So much attention is focused on the fate of the Barbie brand that we forget the other great toy lines owned by Mattel including View-Master, Magic 8 Ball, ello, Polly Pocket and Fisher-Price. Mattel’s boys’ toy car line is composed of Hot Wheels, Tyco and Matchbox. Of the three, HotMORE HERE

As part of a massive promotion to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the iconic Easy-Bake oven, Pawtucket, R.I. based Hasbro (NYSE: HAS) is searching for the next Easy-Bake Baker of the Year. The EASY-BAKE 2009 “Baker of the Year” contest invites kids to enter with their baking “sous chef” parents,MORE HERE

For Americans to again embrace production, innovation, science and enthusiasm, we need to get kids, mainly young boys, doing crap with their brains and their hands. Science stuff. This Fourth of July weekend, we are thinking about great American brands with FIRE-POWER. And for decades, there has been no greaterMORE HERE

It’s time for Romper Room. Again. A Chicago company, River West Brands, has re-registered the defunct brand name, according to the USPTO. If you lived at the tail end of the baby boom and into Generation X, you remember Romper Room. It was a brilliant concept, led by Baltimore schoolteacherMORE HERE