Hang Ten is back. Hang Ten was founded in 1960 in Seal Beach, California by Doris Moore and Duke Boyd, as a maker of surfing apparel. Through the 1970s, it was the original surf brand, a precursor to Ocean Pacific and Quicksilver, and other surf and skateboard fashion companies. ItMORE HERE

Canadian writer Mark Shainblum, an Ottawa, Ontario journalist and editor, is best known as a science fiction and comic book writer. He sends us his his top favorite missing Canadian brands. The cartoonist was quite stunned to hear that Crosley Radios is back, and found our site that way. HereMORE HERE

Iconix Brand Group Inc. is hiring four to lead development at the intellectual property, licensing and fashion company. Most interesting potential is Carolyn D’Angelo, who will have the opportunity to oversee Fieldcrest, Cannon and Royal Velvet brands. BrandlandUSA wrote up their purchased of Fieldcrest, the former Marshall Field’s subsidiary, justMORE HERE

Whatever happened to Carroll Reed? It’s a question many East Coast folks have been asking since the ski-focused clothing chain shut down. At one time, there were 54 stores. The Carroll Reed Ski Shops Inc. was started, not by some matronly woman, but by Carroll Purinton Reed, a clever entrepreneurMORE HERE

If you are interested in the mind and shopping habits of the American WASP, please read Bunny Tomerlin’s Blog. It has all of her favorite things. Lotsa Brickman’s. Brands mentioned by this Men’s Vogue blogger include Carroll Reed, Gloverall, Neese’s Sausage, Bazzini’s Pistachio Nuts, Kinloch Anderson, Brickman’s of Martha’s Vineyard,MORE HERE

Good news on the Hotel Pennsylvania front since we first wrote about the issue of the hotel. The New York media is beginning to write about the controversy of tearing down the McKim, Mead & White hotel, which was once the largest hotel in the world. New York officials areMORE HERE