There have been rumblings from anonymous BrandlandUSA readers that Kraft Pizza Dinners from Canada are being smuggled across the border to the U.S. The apparent reason? They are no longer sold in the U.S. Sorry for the crummy lo-res jpeg at right but its all there was. There is oneMORE HERE

Reader (and Quebec native) Mark Shainblum has alerted us to some revivals in the comic book field, and other dead comic book brands that need to be revived. Thrilling Wonder Stories was one of the first science fiction pulp magazines, founded in 1930 by Hugo Gernsback. Gernsback originally created theMORE HERE

CHATTANOOGA – Got an itch for Gold Bond? Jim Cramer does. CNBC Mad Money host Cramer likes the maker of Gold Bond powder, the ever-growing consumer products company Chattem, or CHTT. Chattem, founded in 1879 by Zeboim Cartter Patten, takes nearly dead brands or declining brands and rebuilds them. ChattemMORE HERE

Hang Ten is back. Hang Ten was founded in 1960 in Seal Beach, California by Doris Moore and Duke Boyd, as a maker of surfing apparel. Through the 1970s, it was the original surf brand, a precursor to Ocean Pacific and Quicksilver, and other surf and skateboard fashion companies. ItMORE HERE

Canadian writer Mark Shainblum, an Ottawa, Ontario journalist and editor, is best known as a science fiction and comic book writer. He sends us his his top favorite missing Canadian brands. The cartoonist was quite stunned to hear that Crosley Radios is back, and found our site that way. HereMORE HERE