MIAMI – The late Sylvester “Pat” Weaver, the innovative NBC president responsible for the Today and Tonight shows, had a saying about Today. It was a show you could not kill, no matter what. Bad hosts, bad producers, off stories, worries! It was such a good idea that itMORE HERE

TAMPA – Since 1921, Navier A has been a classic for cafe con leche. It’s named for the shipping line that brought founder Carlos Menendez to the U.S. In 1921, Carlos Menendez, a Spanish immigrant, founded the Naviera Coffee Mills, named for the shipping lines that brought him to America.MORE HERE

One of the most venerable names in American inventing and entrepreneurship is Powel Crosley (1886-1961), an innovator who is credited with the first economy car, the first fax machine and the first lighted baseball field. Pictured here is the Crosley car, seen at an auto show on St. Armand’s CircleMORE HERE

Israel does it. Virginia does it. Britain does it. Italy does it. They even do it on Marco Island, where old native Calusa artifacts helps to define an image of the city, and the Southwest Florida kingdom that they used to rule. It’s archeology, and it’s a very under-used weaponMORE HERE

BRADENTON – Pepsico CEO Indra K. Nooyi appeared on CNBC after Davos, talking about how the company was seeking healthier options for snack foods. Pepsico was going healthy. Really healthy, which would bring to mind new versions of Quaker Oats or some such. But when BrandlandUSA spotted these Tropicana tangerinesMORE HERE

FOUR OAKS, N.C. -One of the many historic meal and flour brands is House-Autry, founded in 1812. The brand dates from 1812 in Newton Grove, North Carolina. Later, the mill grew and merged with Autry Brothers Mill Company in 1967 to form House-Autry Mills. They opened a 2001 mill inMORE HERE

MIAMI – There could not have been a more perfect Florida ambassador, and airline, than National Airlines. When the “Sunshine Airline” merged into Pan American World Airways in 1980, a uniquely Florida institution was lost. It was the first major airline that promoted a state as its marketing position andMORE HERE

Advertisers and agencies get so obsessed with technology in advertising that we forget that there is still effective analog advertising. One such concept is Sarasota’s I Pedal Ads, a bicycle-powered billboard. In most areas, zoning and sign restrictions have become so severe that there are fewer and fewer ways toMORE HERE