WINTER HAVEN – Cypress Gardens Adventure Park is thankfully ditching its disastrous foray into becoming a theme park, and will rename itself Cypress Gardens with an adjacent Splash Island Water Park. We wrote about the Cypress Gardens closing on Nov. 17 and the last day under old ownership for theMORE HERE

PALM BEACH – Those search for defunct colognes and perfumes often have a hard time. An essay in The Wall Street Journal By AndrĂ© Aciman tells of his search for Aria Di Palma, a cologne his father wore at a New York store called Battaglia. Aciman found the cologne, afterMORE HERE

PALM BEACH, NEW YORK – We all think we know the story of Lilly Pulitzer, of how she opened up a juice stand in Palm Beach, started printing up some fabric, sold it as skirts, and turned it into the fashion icon that it is today, with a little helpMORE HERE