MONTVALE, N.J. – A&P, one of the greatest brand names in the history of the United States, is up for auction, along with all the assets of the annoyingly mismanaged and bankrupt Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company. Joan Verdon of The Bergen Record reports on the upcoming sale, whereMORE HERE

DENVER – One of the great cracker brands, still independent, is Bremner. They are classic cocktail party crackers, and none better. Of course, Mr. Bremner said that himself in 1890. “We acknowledge no superior in the quality of our goods and fear no competitors on that score.” – D.F. BremnerMORE HERE

OMAHA – ConAgra has consolidated itself into a purveyor of dozens of some of the best-known brands in the United States, including Hunt’s, Swiss Miss, Peter Pan, Blue Bonnet, La Choy, Mueller’s, Jiffy Pop and Banquet. However, if you look at its stock price over the last 20 years, itMORE HERE

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – It has been nearly a generation since Morton Frozen Foods products graced the shelves of grocery store freezers.  The venerable brand was phased out in the late 1990s by its current owner ConAgra after a storied 60-plus year history. This was done reportedly as part of aMORE HERE

NEWPORT BEACH – Ellia Kassoff, the man behind number of successful brand revivals, is bringing back Hydrox Cookies. The cookies began production again this week. Hydrox was often perceived as the “other” brand of stuffed cookie, Nabisco’s Oreo being more famous most of the 20th century. Hydrox was made byMORE HERE

Pillsbury has made many a product since 1872. Perhaps one of the most forgettable was Space Food Sticks, a sort of chewy-chocolate Slim Jim vitamin. The Space Food Stick, we presume, never really actually made it into space. In fact, if you were going to serve “space men” something chocolate,MORE HERE

CANAJOHARIE, N.Y. – Classic kitchen staples that have not changed over the years are getting rarer and rarer. One of those mostly unchanged brands is Gravy Master, made by Richardson Brands. Richardson makes other classic niche brands, including Beechies, Dryden & Palmer Rock Candy and Richardson Mints, those tiny mint-candyMORE HERE

MONTVALE, N.J. – Eight O’ Clock, the nation’s greatest coffee brand, has modified its logo with a second redesign that appeared in coupon mailers this week. The design is an update of a failed 2010 design, an improvement but not that much. The packaging debuted in August. In a pressMORE HERE

The whole natural food movement has strong roots in religious circles, not only with Kosher food and Mennonite dairies, and natural foods and the Jesus movement of the 70s, but in a new generation of foods and consumer products made on Biblical principles and sold with a religious theme. OneMORE HERE