LAKE BUENA VISTA – If customers want it, then bring it back. That’s the lesson of Walt Disney World’s groovin’ treehouse cabins, which opened in 1975, and were demolished in 2002. They were simple structures, up one story in the trees, and were cousins to the raised treehouses at skiMORE HERE

NEW YORK – The research firm Harris Interactive has released its 2010 rankings of tourism brands. There are some surprises. Hilton is the most notable in the list and now leads Marriott. Cheap hotels are lower on the list, but luxury brands also have lower scores due to the obviousMORE HERE

Israel does it. Virginia does it. Britain does it. Italy does it. They even do it on Marco Island, where old native Calusa artifacts helps to define an image of the city, and the Southwest Florida kingdom that they used to rule. It’s archeology, and it’s a very under-used weaponMORE HERE

We ran across the blog from Electro’s Sparc Studios in Clearwater. Their website has some fun stuff, including the above brochure of Caneel Bay, St. John, U.S.V.I. Welcome to the finest in post-war vacation art & amateur photography culled from the vast archives here at ElectroSpark Studios. Caution! Contains: Floridiana,MORE HERE

A few months ago, artist Tammy Trent talked about Sept. 11, 2001, which for her was also the day she found out her husband had died in a diving accident. She was in Kingston, Jamaica, and crying alone in her hotel room, praying for help. In walked a housekeeper, whoMORE HERE