Radio Shack, Reuters reports, has had an excellent quarter, in a time when other retailers have not. Wow. But let’s digress into nostalgia. It’s much more fun. As a child and as a devotee of brands, I shared a love (and frustration) with the Radio Shack (NYSE: RSH) of theMORE HERE

I was talking to a lower-level Circuit City exec in Richmond, Virginia, around 2001-02. He had just left the company. He shall remain nameless, mostly because I can’t remember his name! Wait, back on subject. So I am chatting with this fellow, and ask about the Alan McCullough era atMORE HERE

We wish the greatest and oldest corporation in North America well. Founded in 1670, Hudson’s Bay company was once the government in Canada. The importance of the company to Canada would be as if the Virginia Company that founded the Virginia Colony had survived as a department store! Imagine that.MORE HERE

There was a time when Sears ruled the world of sporting goods, and brands like Ted Williams and Sears Yachtsman were seen as prestige. At right, a Sears Yachtsman logo and shield sewn onto a Sears life vest. This attic find looks cool and stylish as ever, even though itMORE HERE

Ever since it closed in 2005, folks have missed the Bermudian department store Trimingham’s. Fodor’s 1961 Guide to the Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda stated that the store had a “wide selection of bargains including doe-skin gloves, perfume, English handbags and Indian Madras sportswear.” At the time, Bermuda prices were soMORE HERE