Today’s New York Times talks glass, namely the glass that is going into the World Trade Center. It’s Chinese. We don’t need to get into the debate over free trade vs. protectionism, but we did notice something. And from two factories in the Ohio Valley, operating 24/7, the Anchor HockingMORE HERE

That there can be small companies that make just a few products and stay independent is evidenced by Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing. The company was born in the 1880s, when a traveling salesman name Al Stewart carried around a family concoction.  He sold the rights to a fellow named Luther FordMORE HERE

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – There are few toys more American than a balsa wood plane. And the great manufacturer of those model planes is the Paul K. Guillow Company. Guillow’s started as Nu Craft Toys in 1926, and with the ownership of Paul Guillow, grew into an iconic American toy brand,MORE HERE

BROOKLYN – It’s the perfect moment for the craft-selling site, though calling it a “craft” site is kind of an understatement, as it has very little to do with the junk you might find at a typical non-juried craft fair. There is much fascinating stuff on there; what isMORE HERE

CLEVELAND – We are indebted to the website A Treasury Of for telling us about the sweaters of Ohio Knitting Mills. The mill has closed, but some of their product samples survived. While not all are being sold, some are. It’s like a vintage store, but its all new! AtMORE HERE

PALMYRA, Penn. – If you like Lebanon bologna, there is only one brand, Seltzer’s. Made and smoked by hand in Palmyra Pennsylvania, Selzter’s was founded by Harvey Seltzer, who “created a unique blend of pure beef and spices in 1902, his bologna was so popular that he began commercial production andMORE HERE

SIOUX CITY – There are lots of brands of popcorn, and many consider it a commodity, particularly bagged variety sold under store brands. But there are great brands of popcorn including: Orville Redenbacher, founded in 1971 Jiffy Pop, founded in 1959 and now made by ConAgra Pop Weaver, founded inMORE HERE