Kraft apparently has some new versions of their Seven Seas sub-brand on the shelves. On a recent visit to Publix, we spied these new shelf entries for Seven Seas. The logo makes the familiar Kraft oval less prominent than the “Seven Seas” triangle. A fairly nice approach to preserving theMORE HERE

General Foods International Coffees, the last stand of the General Foods brand, might be on its way out. It appears that the coffee’s maker, Kraft, is testing a new Suisse Mocha under the Maxwell House brand. In the photo here, at right is the older version, General Foods International CoffeeMORE HERE

GLENVIEW, Ill. – A TV advertising favorite is going back to advertising, at least in one region in the U.S. To help remind consumers that Shake ‘N Bake is still around, this December Shake ‘N Bake is marketing to local consumers with ads in 17 Boston-area shopping malls. The adsMORE HERE

One of the genius Partridge Family episodes was when Shirley Partridge met up with a millionare man who had made a fortune in Melba toast. Lucky for us, you can read about the episode, which starred John Astin, on IMDB. Forever and forever, Melba toast has been amusing. I thinkMORE HERE

Kraft ditching Nabisco? Frankly, that’s a bit of a scary headline for us brand fiends here at BrandlandUSA. But it is certainly worrisome that the company was selling this bag of Wheat Thins without Nabisco in the corner. Is Kraft (NYSE: KFT) dropping the Nabisco brand, just like they ditchedMORE HERE

Kraft Foods and ConAgra Foods, like most mega-consumer products companies these days, have limited use for “niche” brands. These are brands with limited by loyal following, especially when tastes change over the years. So it is sad to report that, despite years of survival as the “red-headed stepchild” of theseMORE HERE

LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS – In the pantheon of grocery products, there are certain ones that are not essential, yet are essential. In the UK, it’s Marmite and Bovril. And across the United States, we have all sorts of regional variations. One regional New England product is Marshmallow Fluff, made by Durkee-MowerMORE HERE