DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – Sara Lee Corporation (NYSE:SLE) said it would possibly sell its International Household & Body Care business after receiving “expressions of interest” from possible buyers. The company has some classic low growth brands, including Kiwi shoe polish and Brylcreem hair goop. Both could very interesting brands ifMORE HERE

Our reader “Cindy” mentions a few things that are on her  100 Brands to Bring Back list. We list them below. On her list is Breck shampoo. We suggest she go to Dollar Tree to find it. We love Dollar Tree, and not just because we grew up in theMORE HERE

I recently became aware that a longtime heritage brand, Colgate Shave Cream, has been discontinued. This leaves Colgate-Palmolive with only the Mennen aftershave lines Afta and Skin Bracer. Colgate-Palmolive continues to produce tubes of Palmolive shave cream in several foreign markets.The traditional aerosol shave creams (not the newer gels) have reallyMORE HERE

Still wondering about our old deodorant friend Tussy That staple of 1970s tub time, Mr. Bubble, has found a new home at Minnesota-based The Village Company. Mr. Bubble was part of the consumer products portfolio of Princeton, NJ-based Ascendia Brands, which went bankrupt in August 2008. Mr. Bubble was partMORE HERE

Pfizer’s Wyeth purchase includes remnants of the old A.H. Robins company RICHMOND – The merger between Wyeth and Pfizer got us thinking about the legacy of the Albert Hartley Robins company, better known as A.H. Robins. While the name A.H. Robins is gone, the Robins influence shows in the highlyMORE HERE

PALM BEACH – Those search for defunct colognes and perfumes often have a hard time. An essay in The Wall Street Journal By André Aciman tells of his search for Aria Di Palma, a cologne his father wore at a New York store called Battaglia. Aciman found the cologne, afterMORE HERE

Editor’s Note from 2021: The most recent news is that the soap is no longer in production. NEW YORK – There is something great about a brand that has not only survived a long time, but is still owned by the original company. Such is the case with Cashmere Bouquet,MORE HERE

Artifacts found at the Marco Island Museum in Old Marco, Florida. A cosmetic bottle, perhaps perfume, from Helene Curtis. Right, a trademark blue Noxzema jar, from the old Noxell company in Baltimore. Visit our main site for wacky advice on keeping your brand alive, outside of a museum.MORE HERE

Yes, we had a reader ask us what the heck happened to Tickle Deodorant. So we have added it to our Facebook Application called Brands to Bring Back from You can find your favorite dead brand, and send a bit of it to a friend! Give ’em a tickle!MORE HERE

We had a reader searching for the cologne Wolff Freres. Any ideas? Visit our main site at tomorrow for more on the search. More ideas? Leave a comment or email editor Garland PollardMORE HERE