The news that BP stations are suffering under a growing boycott threat is natural and understandable. Consumers are frustrated with the federal government and Obama’s response. They will have to wait until November to vote. So a boycott threat is really the only thing they can do. Better than throwingMORE HERE

When companies merge, they are always equals, but one brand always gets dumped. That’s exactly what has happened with Amoco, which finally got dumped by BP. In the U.S. gasoline market, Amoco stood for something different, a FAST approach to fuel. Amoco, with its torch and red white and blue,MORE HERE

And remember, it is “fancy” people who buy and recommend stock purchases for others. It is “fancy” people who decide on environmental regulations. It is the “fancy” public television watching bureaucrats that make the government regulations. MORE HERE

SAN RAMON, Calif. -Yes, we can still trust the man who wears the star. Chevron, owner of Texaco, is not letting its Texaco brand lapse, as so many other energy companies have done in mergers. (At right, a vintage Texaco pump from Glen Allen, Virginia, where it is owned byMORE HERE

Citgo is one of the great American gasoline brands. We get a hefty bit of nostalgia everytime we see these any of the old brands, even if they are owned by a certain not-so-friendly country in South America called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Here, a Citgo ad that ranMORE HERE

HOUSTON – Citgo is one of the great American gasoline brands. We get a hefty bit of nostalgia every time we see these any of the old brands. Here, a Citgo ad that ran in a recent national magazine here in Florida.Citgo, as everyone knows, was purchased by the stateMORE HERE

Zoning and signage do not always match. In some cases, making the case for a sign in zoning is impossible. One trick used often by Walgreen’s and other retailers? Put the sign inside a window. In this case, a convenience store in Pensacola, Florida put their Shell logo inside aMORE HERE

If you are in the Glen Allen region of Richmond, motor on over to the Courtney Road Texaco station. It’s an old country store on a corner that has been restored by the Henrico County Department of Recreation and Parks. It is one of a number of restored Texaco stationsMORE HERE