LOS ANGELES – Global Icons, the brand merchandising agency, said in a press release that it would license Bennigan’s, the restaurant chain. Bennigan’s went through bankruptcy last year; many franchised restaurants stayed open. Founded in 1976 in Atlanta, Bennigan’s was an early casual bar and grill chain restaurant and one of the quintessentialMORE HERE

Regional restaurant signage helps define a place. Here, the “World Famous” New Pass Grill. It has been on City Island in Sarasota since 1929. City Island is the key just south of Longboat Key. Brand identity comes from the unique contributions of business owners. With time, and generations, brands getMORE HERE

Regional restaurants can be great brands. And the key to the longevity of your restaurant brand is developing a few signature, classic dishes that are not only loved by customers that visit, but also enter the regional vernacular. If you are curious about how to brand a regional restaurant, pleaseMORE HERE