Consumers love regional dairy brands, including the Sunny Florida Dairy of Tampa. Regional dairies could be the next microbrews. If they did a few things. Sunny Florida is a great regional milk brand, and the largest independent dairy in Florida, founded by the Guagliardo family in 1911. It has aMORE HERE

Here, a Coca-Cola soda fountain at the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame in Titusville. It is a copy of the one that went on the Space Shuttle, in the Hall of Fame’s Space Shuttle Gallery. Visit our main website, Questions? E-mail Garland PollardMORE HERE

Who nailed the right market? We have to give the “predicted it” prize to Kool-Aid. We noticed this Parade Magazine ad last April, and hadn’t realized how on target the marketing is. Today, the drink, and its namesake Spokespitcher, are about as well known as any national brand. But withMORE HERE

The venerable Clorox brand has gone green. Click on this demonstration video to see Green Works all purpose cleaner at work. It’s 99.93 percent natural, and has a Sierra Club approval. Who would have thought that not only would the Clorox brand be able to extend into environmental products, butMORE HERE

Found recently on the grocery shelves. A new packaging for Mary Kitchen Roast Beef Hash, with Hormel recently added to the top. Mary Kitchen is the best brand of Roast Beef Hash; whenever a can is opened, happiness ensues at the breakfast table. The question is whether this is aMORE HERE

Borden is back, big time. We spotted a large Borden cheese display at the Osprey, Florida Wal-Mart on Tamiami Trail, and it made us want to learn more about how the Borden dairy brand is doing. Borden is doing great. This is great news. Go to the website, andMORE HERE

It’s quite amazing that Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and the Cream of Wheat man still exist on the shelves of America. We call them the Plantation Brand Trio. Somehow these characters have managed to survive the politically correct witch hunts of the latter 20th century. Having grown up in VirginiaMORE HERE

Our reader Pat Seger writes BrandlandUSA to ask the important question. When will they re-release the Carnation Breakfast Bar? She pointed us to the blog of pop culture archaeologist and archivist Dan Goodsell, who posted a few imagesĀ  of the snacks on his blog last year. Not so hot onMORE HERE

Times are tight. Companies like Kellogg’s and Wal-Mart are doing well. These are companies that everyone, including the wealthy, flock to when every nickel is precious. Which got us thinking. What are the best brands in America that connote thrift, modesty and that all-American, Victory Garden spirit? Brands we associateMORE HERE

There is an effort to bring back BNs, those British cookies with faces. The Bring Back BN site on Bebo says: “Remember those lovely curvey squared biscuits with the faces on called BN? Do you miss them? If so then this is your opportunity to help get them back inMORE HERE