Tame Conditioner Returns As Frizz Tamer

The original conditioner, Tame, is back on the shelves as a house brand at Dollar Tree. On the back, it has “Distributed by Dollar Tree” so you know its an exclusive.

The use of Tame as a store brand is part of a recent trend of retailers licensing old lower-tier brands that have some shelf appeal. The consumer thinks they are getting a national brand, and yet the discounter has an exclusive product.

The packaging says it dates from 1978 but I believe the product is much older. Originally it came in a round bottle and was called Tame Creme Rinse. The packaging says it is licensed by Silkience to Dollar Tree.

They did a smart thing by using the 1970s font for the new packaging. It’s sort of groovy, and while it does not resemble the font in the commercial seen above, it is seen in a later 1970s commercial.

I don’t remember that Tame was a product that consumers missed that much. Not that the product wasn’t good, it just sort of got forgotten. However, if others disagree, love to hear from them.


  • Garland Pollard

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  1. Tame Creme Rinse was around way before the 70s. I used it in the late 50s to early 60s and I do miss it. I don’t like how conditioners take the body out of my hair and make it lay flat to my head. The lightness if Tame just made hair easier to comb and gave it a shine without weighing it down.

    1. Author

      Sandra: I have not seen it recently but will keep an eye out.

  2. I found this in just the conditioner for my daughter who has super curly super thick hair and the conditioner has been amazing. I need to find the shampoo for her as well. I have been to the dollar general everyday looking for more conditioner and trying to find the matching shampoo to no luck. Anyone have suggestions

  3. I loved Tame! Especially Tame Lemon scent! My mother used it way before I was born & I was born in 1953! I used it until the late ‘70’s then it was gone! When I was about 3 or 4 I had hair down to my waist & it got out all the tangles! If I didn’t have it, it was a screaming match between mom & me cause she used it to but wasn’t to quick at replacing it!

    1. jilly… I’ve been looking for tame. It was out until the early 80’s because my friend used it and I loved the smell. Then, in 2021 or 2022 I saw it in the dollar store…and I didn’t grab it. Then, i went back and they were gone. So, my hunt continues. I was also looking for Agree and now it’s 45.00 for both the shampoo and conditioner on ebay…geez…I can’t catch a break. now I wished I had saved my bottles from years ago…

  4. devastated is a complete understatement about my disappointment over the total extinction of the Tame creme rinse. Any idea what happened? If I can find any or something similar? My hair has gone to complete crap since it disappeared. I would have bought $1,000 worth of it if I knew this would happen.

  5. Love Tame…going to Dollar Tree to look now ..?

    1. Very hard to find at Dollar Tree. I even checked on Dollar Trees online site.

  6. My mother used Tame Cream Rinse! Not sure when she started using it but I remember I was 4 years old when I begged for her to use it on my hip length hair, that started a screaming match between she & I every time my hair was washed! She told me it would take out the tangles, so I wanted to use it! No way! She said it was not for children & at age 5 my parents had my hair cut really, really, really short….I hated it! So when I got to about 10 years old I got my own bottle & used it until it went off the market! When I noticed my mom using it, it was around 1958! She use to put a cap full of it in a cup of warm waster! That’s how she used it! I loved it & I really loved it in the Lemon fragrance! It was a great detangleing product, smelled great & was very gentle. I finally got my long hair back & used Tame for years! I’m hoping it’s still available in Dollar Tree stores! I also hope it’s still the same formula! I just found this site so I hope it’s not to late to find Tame!

    1. I cannot find it at any of my Dollar Tree stores in Michigan. I am devastated. Any one know where I can locate this wonderful creme rinse. We were just talking about it at work. This was my favorite in High school.

  7. I found Tame shampoo argan oil and smell likr coconut!!!!!!!!!

    I used to use green apple and strawberry as a kid!

  8. I was born with baby-fine but super curly hair. The only thing that worked to smooth and shine was Tame, and I loved the smell of it. I will look for this product as per the suggestion. Thanks.

  9. How can the shampoo and conditioner both be a 2 in 1? Doesn’t that mean that one is unnecessary? Aren’t they just marketing the same product in different bottles so you will buy more??? .

  10. Earliest I remember using Tame is 1962 when I was 15. For some odd reason, every rinse I used made my hair get oily. Tame didn’t and made my hair so soft and so tangle-resistant. I have looked for it for years. I’m getting this from $Tree. I sure hope it still works the same.

  11. I remember Tame. I still have a bottle. It’s called Tame Clean Rinse, not Cream Rinse.

    1. It was originally Tame “Cream” Rinse & it was supposed to be mixed with water. It was made by the Gillette Company!

    2. Yeah, it was called Tame Creme Rinse and then the commercials started a slogan: Tame Creme Rinse: Tame Clean Rinse!

  12. I first used tame cream rinse in the 1950s, so the person writing this piece is clueless about it’s history. I will definitely go to Dollar tree and see if I can get it. It was great cream rinse…I guess they call it conditioner

  13. At the top of this arrival out says licensed by Silkence for Dillar Tree…I found Tame in dt back in 2015’but I bought Silkence by default and it smells the same and detangels just as well that ‘s why I purchased…hope this helps so every payday U buy 4 bottles of condishtioner

  14. I read that tame is now under the dollar trees own brand name, antifriz. However, they didnt say the name. Does anyone who bought it there know the Exact name it is under? Please advise!!

  15. They have Tame at the Dollar Tree Stores in Canada


  17. I used Tame creme rinse back in the late 60’s and into the 70’s . then it got to where you couldn’t find it. I have so missed this creme rinse. Gonna have to go check out the Dollar Tree stores and see if I can’t find it

  18. Recall pouring 2 capfuls of Tame in a plastic container and mixing it with water to pour over my hair for conditioning. Recall it smelling so fresh and my hair would be soft.

  19. Lori,

    I had impossible hair, too. Blonde, fine, and just about the same texture as silk embroidery floss. It slid out of headbands, crawled out of barrettes and even slithered out of rubber bands. You’d think it couldn’t possibly tangle, but it did. The tangles and mats were impossible to comb out. I have no idea why I was allowed to wear it long. My mother started putting Tame on it when I was about three, so it was sold at least as far back as 1958. It was such a relief from the pain that just the smell of it relaxed me. Wish I had some now, but I’m too lazy to put on my shoes and go out to the Dollar Store. ?

  20. I loved Tame Lemon conditioner! It was lighter and had a more watery texture than the regular tame. I think it was for oily hair. I’m pretty sure I used it all through my preteen and teenage years in the 1970’s It detangled my hair and rinsed without leaving residue. It seem to work well will my well water. I don’t remember when I stopped being able to find it. The more modern conditioners mostly have the texture half melted of lard and is really difficult rinse out well.

  21. Tame® had Six formulas – Regular, Extra Body, Extra Conditioning, a Clear Lemon Rinse and an Anti-Dandruff Rinse as well as a Spray-On Leave-In Type

    1. Yes they did,I’m trying to find the regular,looked at three Dollar Tree stores and can’t find in louisville,Ky. Can anyone help?

  22. I used Tame® for years along with White Rain® Shampoo they both worked great! The new formulas are nothing like the original, the old Tame could be mixed with warm water and poured over your hair and it de-tangled and smoothed my hair without using a handful or making it sticky or greasy. White Rain had a Creamy Lotion Shampoo, a Clear Shampoo, a Lemon Shampoo and a Clear, Conditioning Shampoo. I used the Clear or Conditioning Formula.

  23. When I was child in the late 60s and 70s I had the worst hair. It was platinum blonde and had the texture of doll’s hair in those same eras. If you’re my age you might remember that if you ever got the doll’s hair wet you would never again be able to get a comb or brush through it. That was my hair. It would take my mother over an hour every day to brush all the knots out of my hair. My mother tried everything such as No More Tears and numerous other products. Tame Creme Rinse was the only thing that worked. Silky soft, brush flowed right through it 🙂 If you have a child with difficult or unmanageable hair, I suggest you at least give Tame Creme Rinse a try assuming it’s the same formula as it was years ago.

  24. It was encouraging to look through the comments for Tame and see them as recent as May 2016! It would be absolutely wonderful to find Tame cream rinse. Looks like I’m about the 3rd one in AR hoping to find it (will check Dollar Tree). I relate to others’ comments. Tame was a cream rinse–ideal product. Companies produced ‘conditioners’ and the ideal, light weight Tame, faded into the sunset. I hope the one that can produce the original Tame is paying attention. It may not seem like a large number here but no doubt if it was marketed it would sell. As another posted, those of us wanting a Tame comeback would market it.

  25. Love tame! It seems to me, I’m not the only one!

  26. Please, please send it to Australia. Love Tame cream rinse. We used it in 60s and 70s.

  27. I have looked at the two Dollar Trees within driving distance of me and they didn’t have it. Bah! I was so excited to see that it’s still around, but now I can’t find it. My hair is very fine and flyaway and the conditioners I have tried don’t do the job as well as I remember the Tame doing. I live in west-central Arkansas and have looked in Mena and Hot Springs, the two nearest towns (20 and 60 miles). Anybody find it in Arkansas?

  28. I have ed been looking for Tame Cream Rinse for 20years. I loved that product it’s the best. I will look at the dollar tree to see if I can find it.

  29. I am elated to find that Tame Creme Rinse still exists! My hair has always been extra-fine and flyaway, and I used to use Tame but stopped when I cut my hair very short back in the 70’s. Since I have retired I have let it grow back out, and in winter the static electricity could light my house! My regular Jhirmack conditioner doesn’t control it, so I am headed to the Dollar Tree for a bottle of Tame–thank you, thank you!

  30. I’m so glad I finally thought to search online for TAME! We have Dollar Store nearby and I’m going there tomorrow! This was the cream rinse my sister and I grew up using- from the very early 60’s to the mid 70’s and then it disappeared 🙁 I hope they have it- if not, would anyone be willing to ship it, or give me the address of the dollar store near you that carries it so I can order it direct ? Thanks again!

  31. hey im, a dude,and I love the tame clean rinse ,when I lived at home.I had kinda long hair,that was the best stuff ever for my hair . been missin it for 30 years. glad Icould relate.later OH YEAH,SKYNYRD`S THE BEST.

  32. I would love to find the non shampoo version, creme rinse only from the early 70’s
    I would buy a gallon to start!

  33. Found Tame shampoo at grocery store today. Cannot find creme rinse but do have Dollar Tree here n Tennessee.

  34. aug 25, 2015
    I live in Chestermere (near Calgary) Alberta, CANADA, I too am looking for Tame shampoo & conditioner.
    Just like you, used it when I was in highschool. If I find it , maybe we can chat. If you e-mail me please make sure you use the words tame shampoo, or I may delete you. thanks. Susan

  35. I used this back in the day and I loved it. I was just thinking about it and decided to look and see if I could find it and where I could find it and this is what I came up with. I hope I can find it where I live.

  36. I used this back in the day and I loved it. I was just thinking about it and decided to look and see if I could find it and where I could find it and this is what I came up with. eqw

  37. Please help me find Tame Creme Rinse …Great memories of my Mom washing my hair when I was a little girl and my hair always looked Terrific!!!
    Thank you

  38. I could not live without Tame cream rinse conditioner in the 70’s/80’s please bring this product back. The one with the green cao especially. It nevet weighed my hair down and gave my hair grest body! Miss you Tame!!!

  39. Whomever it was that made Tame cream rinse,should make it again.There are enough of us out there who would help promote it! Sadly missed.You could make a lot of$$$!!

  40. tame cream rinse was around in the middle 1960 s.I haven’t seen it here in Canada in years..wish we could get it again.

  41. Omg I soon loved Tame Conditioner…I lived in Huntington Beach,Ca and my hair smelled better than the suntan lotions….best memories ever Tame n Ditto Jeans

  42. Please continue with the TAME products. I love TAME.. I’ve looked at several stores here in North West, AR. I looked at Dollar Tree and not there. I will have to keep looking. Shirl Mc

  43. I loved Tame in the’70’s, my hair used to be down past my rear end in those days. Sometime during the early 80’s it disappeared from the store shelves. I was so excited to see the shampoo at the Dollar Tree a couple days ago, but they didn’t have the conditioner so I didn’t buy it. I don’t want to buy unless I know I’ll be able to get both!

  44. We used this back in the early 60’s and up until they quit distributing . I have extremely fine hair and have used today conditioners and just leaves my hair feeling heavy and gets greasy before I am ready to shampoo again. I would love to find this again and the original formula . Does any one know who made it and where I can get some.

  45. i loved the lemon tame creme rinse. got rid of tangles and made your hair smell so good. i always carried it to the swimming pool and would shower before i left and use the products. i cant find it anymore and i think it worked better than th new stuff

  46. I used Tame for years and when I had children I used it on my girls fine red hair. It was the best for our hair. Always looked soft and smooth and the scent was just lovely. Have searched for this product for twenty years and that includes scouring tiny little stores and old drugstores everywhere I have traveled. Really glad to know it is back ( hope it is the same). Will be checking tomorrow!

  47. I love tame! Have been looking for something as good since they stopped selling it! The only rinse that ever stopped static! I need it!!!

  48. I have a green comb that came with Tame Creme Rinse & would love to get one for my daughter. Anyone have one?

  49. I am so happy to find this again. I love it. My mother always used it on our hair.

  50. where in brockton ma can find tame hair rinse

  51. OMG! just came across this! I’ve been missing Tame Creme rinse for years. I used Apple Pectin shampoo and Tame for years- ALWAYS got compliments on how shiny and soft my hair was. It wasn’t too heavy for fine hair and, since I had oily hair, I could use it without breaking out. I am going to go look for it.

  52. Has anyone found this in Ohio yet? Does it go by another name?

  53. I just bought both the shampoo and cream rinse at food city if anyone’s still looking for it. It was only 79 cents.

  54. I remember Tame Creme Rinse from the late 1950’s it was the first conditioner we ever used. It was great since my hair was waist length. Mama would rinse my hair in vineger to condition it before Tame.

  55. Clairol took it off the market years ago, it is still found as the conditioner in their hair dye products…. They should bring it back! Will try DollarTree, hopeful that Silkience has put it there. sigh….

  56. Are you kiding, I looked for Tame for so long
    the last time i found it I was it NC. 24 years ago
    I bought all the store had. I tried to find it again
    by using google. I live in TN. I hope what I am reading is true and I can find it at the dollar tree
    and not a nock off. This consumer missed this product very much. All these years I was looking
    for it. Going to make a trip to the dollar tree.
    Hope it is the real Tame.

    1. Please tell me if it is still available at Dollar Tree and if it is up to scratch or just a fake. Next time I go to Dollar Tree I will look for it.

  57. I live in the city I don’t have a dollar tree store in NY nothing is a dollar here. I love Tame shampoo and Tame cream rinse. Does anyone know where a girl can get hold of this product. It can blow all those new and improved products out the water. But I digress. My mom washed my hair with those products when I was a kid I loved it. Pls let me know where I might find it. Thanks.

  58. Hip, Hip ,Horaa, So happy to know I can buy a
    Tame product again even though its name has changed I hope it hasn”t. I have missed this product forever. Will look for it at the Dollar Tree today. Thanks

  59. Been looking for this since the sixties!! Tame has been very much missed.

  60. No Tame at the Dollar Tree in Minneapolis. I’ll keep looking!

  61. I’m going to check the Dollar Store. I’ve looked for Tame creme rinse before and couldn’t find it. We stayed at a Hotel while on vacation and they had it in the bathroom. I’ve been searching for it for a while. I love the way it leaves my hair.

  62. I found some Tame shampoo today at the Dollar Tree (my first time there!) and I was elated!!! However, I couldn’t find the creme rinse, either. I’ll have to check out another location. Tame creme rinse was my absolute favorite! Loved the fresh scent! I never forgot it. I actually found one of the original bottles about 4 or 5 years on EBay. It smelled weird, but it worked the same. Can’t wait to try this! 🙂

    1. Tame cream rinse to me was the best.ever!! I used that on my daughter’s hair everyday with her bath! I loved it for myself as I have very fine hair but alot of it and I miss this product!! Why do they always take away the good products!!??

  63. I loved this product, I grew up using it. I have fine hair and I’ve been looking for Tame for years. I finally found the shampoo at a Dollar Tree, but not the Creme Rinse! I hope I can find it somewhere.

  64. Called Dollar Tree..they don’t get this product anymore. I found it a couple of weeks ago, but not available anymore. Does anyone know where else it can be purchased?

  65. I just got it today from the dollar store hope it works
    smells great and purdy bottle lol got my attention

  66. I got the tame shampoo and conditioner from dollar tree and used it for the 1st time tonight and I gotta say I’m impressed!!! after I got done blow drying my hair it was so so soft and the frizzies were less noticeable..I will be buying both again and again and again 🙂

  67. I’ve been looking for Tame for years! I’m gonna try looking at the dollar store.

    1. Loved, loved, loved it!
      That was the only conditioner I used to use tame conditioning clean rinse.
      Hope it smells exactly the same… Can’t wait to get to the store in the morning!

  68. I found Tame creme rinse in the dollar store yesterday and I was elated. I hope it works as well as it did in the 60s and 70s!!!

    1. I use to use it tame that is and always really liked how it made my hair feel and comb thanks for bringing it back I missed it I just bought the set tonight at the dollar store!!

      1. Dollar General has the shampoo and conditionert. Each at $1.00. I bought both and am looking forwardto testing them out tonight.

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