The WB Is Back

Just like their mascot, that (sort of) singing Michigan J. Frog, The WB is back for another run. And this time, Warner Brothers is hoping the frog will actually sing.

It’s a great time for old entertainment brands. Who would have thought that Screen Gems and United Artists would be back as entertainment brands? So why not The WB, the television brand started by Time Warner and merged, with the defunct UPN, into what is now the CW (CW is co-owned by Warner and CBS). will partner with Comcast and WB sister company AOL. It knows how to do this web stuff; AOL’s TMZ gives them a pattern. WB restarts with a Facebook application. In fact, the brand is essentially starting again, but this time with its fan base as the center.

Craig Erwich, Executive Vice President of Warner Horizon Television, who also oversees on behalf of the Studio, said in a press release that, “fans of can instantly engage with our content and interact with one another through the site, through the Facebook application, or on their own web sites and blogs.”

In the press release, WB General Manager Brent Poer explained the brand equity they are tapping. “These hit shows still have an incredible amount of equity with their audiences, who grew up with these characters and went through significant events in their lives just as some of the characters did on the programs,” said Poer. “And now, through, users will be able to take an unprecedented level of control over their own entertainment experience by easily editing, remixing, and literally ‘playing’ with their favorite shows. We’re giving the users final cut.”


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