Sporting Brands

Topps Reinvents Historic Allen & Ginter Trading Card Brand

NEW YORK – A new set of Topps Allen & Ginter trading cards is out. The

Goodbye Evinrude. Goodbye Middle Class Boating

STURDEVANT, Wisc. – Blame it on COVID-19? And say goodbye to another glorious piece of America.

Inside Newell, the Smithsonian of American Brands

HOBOKEN – Newell Brands, formerly Newell Rubbermaid, owns an astonishing array of classic brands. For those

Renovation for Your Brand Might Include Refit and Repair

Perhaps it is not such an issue now, but back in the fall of 2010, Hatteras


Branding in a Competitive Era for Used Cars

If you haven’t been paying attention to the used car market, now is the time to start. Why? Forty-one million

Candy & Snack Brands

Candy & Snack Brands

Mars Seeks Entries for U.S. Chocolate History Research, Interpretation

Candy Corn by Brach’s, Once One of America’s Largest Candymakers

Hydrox Cookie Concern Over Oreo’s Monster Shelf Space

Razzles History: Novel Chew Invented by Brethren Chemist

Chuckles Candy Still a Pectin-Packed Package

New Brach’s Candy Logo Is Better Thinking, But Still a Miss

Nabs or Peanut Butter Crackers? Bring Back Nabs


Guideposts Magazine Peels Off New Logo, Connick Cover

DANBURY, Conn. – The inspirational magazine Guideposts, since 1945 a wholesome, positive staple on American coffee tables and doctor office

Gas, Oil, Energy

Gas, Oil & Energy

Briefly: NACCO Rocks New Look for Corporate, Coal, Mining & Mitigation Units

Gas, Oil & Energy

BP Finally Brings Back Amoco

Gas, Oil & Energy

Texaco Still A Strong Brand

Gas, Oil & Energy

Gulf Stops Keep Going in America

Gas, Oil & Energy

Top Insecticide and Fungicide Brands

Gas, Oil & Energy

Tidewater Motor Oil, Washed Up at Cracker Barrel

Gas, Oil & Energy

Summertime: Top Seven Bug Killer Brands of All Time

Health, Beauty

Colgate’s ‘By Mennen’ Brand Still Resonates

For generations, the Mennen brand, now part of Colgate-Palmolive, was synonymous with mens’ and babies’ products, from baby oil to

Prid Salve

Prid Drawing Salve, An Old School Apothecary Remedy

There is a class of basic home remedies, still around, that one could have found

Fizrin: The 1950s Flu Fixer & Brand of the Day

Editor’s Note: Today, BrandlandUSA begins a new feature, our Brand of the Day, where we

Curad Strikes Brand Promo With Ironman

Northfield, Ill. – Curad and ActivICE, two Medline brands, will be the official medical supplier and

Gleem Spotted on the Crest

In today’s pantheon of toothpaste brands, there is Colgate and Crest, and others. Of the

Secret Trick: Brush Up Your Oldest Brands

Even if a venerable brand is beloved, companies still need to continue to invest in

Revived Sea & Ski Hits the Beach Soon

ROCKLEDGE, FL – It seems that the historic Sea & Ski suntan lotion is coming

Airline Brands


Seaplane Service Begins Again in Tailwind Manhattan-Boston Route


Southwest Celebrates 50 Years with 50 Stars, 13 Stripes

Eastern airlines new livery

Eastern Airlines Flies Again


Eerily Prescient United Ad from 1989 That Gives Recovery Route Map


Lockheed Martin and the Last StarLifter, The Hanoi Taxi


Delta Has Plenty of Time, Reason and Ideas to Save the WorldPort


Pan Am Just Keeps Coming Back

Dining & Restaurants

A Timeline of Top Southern Fried Chicken Brands on Popeyes 50 Year Anniversary

Briefly: Cracker Barrel Goes Hollywood; Piola Pizza Miami; Chi-Chi’s; Chicken Salad Chick

Briefly: Guinness Set to Open Taproom in Chicago

Briefs: IHOP Canada, Whataburger Academy Apparel, Schlotsky’s Expansion

Detroit in History and Commerce by Rogers & Thorpe 1891

New Italian Owner for Manitowoc Ice, Garland Stove and Frymaster

Sarasota’s Old Heidelberg Castle Remembered

Food Creates and Sustains The Brand at Department Stores


The History of Artex, America’s Ultimate TV Table Brand

BROOKLYN – In the 1950s, when television watching began, people left the dining room, but still wanted to eat “properly”

Seald Sweet Celebrates Grower History

Seald Sweet is promoting its history for its 110th year.

Idea: Local Brands as Economic Development Facades

PALMETTO – Across the U.S., there is no shortage of run-down small and medium-sized towns that used to be far

Sapolin Decorative Paint of New York City

NEW YORK – Sapolin was once a great decorative paint brand; like Rustoleum they specialized in unique colors for metals

Classic Brands: Jack Tar Marine Paint

Jack Tar Marine Finishes marine paint is an enduring enamel alkyd paint for marine, metal and pipes. It’s made by

What Happened to Cat’s Paw Heels?

First used in 1904, Cat’s Paw is one of the great American brands. The cat, according to Hal Morgan’s book

History of Dritz, a Great Sewing Brand

At home, in a sewing kit, I noticed a handy little brand many have forgotten is still around. Dritz. It’s

Grocery Shelf Brands


Florida’s Coral Reef Brand Sweetens Orange Juice Competition


Hoboken Farms Has Marinara at Center of Growing Food Company


Land O’Lakes Reports Dairy Sales Decrease After Princess Removal


Good Culture Cottage Cheese: Basic Foods Always a Brand Opportunity


Nabisco: So Famous, They Can Leave It Off the Box


Rare Sighting of Birds Eye Frozen Vegetable Bricks


The Jarring Case of Kraft Old English Cheese Spread

Soap & Cleaning


Updating the Century Old Ajax: Q&A With Richard Palmer, Little Big Brands


Ajax Leverages Venerable Brand for New EU Product


Bab-o, New York Legacy of Babbitt’s Best Soap


Bon Ami Redesign Gives Chick Some Details


Bar Keeper’s Friend, Historic Cleaner Since 1882


P&G’s Chipso Detergent, Swept Up in Tide


Parsons the Classic American Ammonia


On the Shelves: From Ivory to Cigarette Machines to Krispy Kreme Candles


Bon Ami’s Changeless Brand Strategy


Offbeat Small Brands: Homax White Ring Remover

HP Sauce England Vintage


There are few foods more indicative of a place, and amenable to high margins, than food sauces. Sauces are the ultimate example of a profit-making brand of food. They keep for a long time. They can be cheaply made. Secret recipes can give a certain allure. They also cannot beMORE HERE


WEST CHICAGO – One of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep children happy in the summer is the frozen ice bar, and the two top brands are Fla-Vor-Ice and Otter Pops. The question is which is preferable, and why. Both brands are made by the Chicago company Jel-Sert, andMORE HERE


If you were at a kids pool in the 1960s (or my wife on Lyford Cay, Bahamas in about 1970, photo at right), you would likely see toddlers swimming about with little bubble floats on their backs. In some cases they were plain styrofoam, but in many cases they wereMORE HERE


There are many well-known religious publishing brands, both denominational and for-profit. Thomas Nelson and Zondervan are some of the best-known among the for-profits. Zondervan’s sister imprint HarperOne continues a long tradition of religious publishing at the old Harper & Row. Of the strong denominational publishing brands are Abingdon Press andMORE HERE


There is one type of job you can’t export. The repair man. Companies in recent years have ignored the repair man; before the Great Recession it was almost cheaper to buy a new lawn mower than to fix the old one. So you just threw the old one out, withMORE HERE


Editor’s Note: Recently Instacart no longer shows the product as available RICHMOND – C.F. Sauer, the spice and sauce company, owns one of the great forgotten mayonnaise brands, Mrs. Filbert’s. In the South, mayonnaise is important. Food snobs do not like it, but that is so wrong, because different degreesMORE HERE


Cousins to Vienna Sausages, but darker? Try some Prairie Belt Smoked Sausage! In case you didn’t know or can’t read, the serving suggestion on the front shows that the sausages are best eaten on a plate, stacked. Thank you for that. The sausage was distributed by Castleberry’s Food Company fromMORE HERE


It’s Memorial Day Weekend. A time to celebrate America. And what brand epitomizes the spirit of this country better than Birdwells. Made in Orange County, California since 1961, they are perfection. They started with Carrie Birdwell Mann, who transformed her house into a sewing room and store, launching Birdwell BeachMORE HERE

This spring, JCPenney unveiled a new shopping position. “Shopping is Back.” The company used a fictional character named Penny James, or “Ms. James,” to sell the slogan. She is played by Melissa Villaseñor, a comedienne and current cast member of Saturday Night Live. In the campaign, Ms. James samples theMORE HERE

KANSAS CITY – Among the family owned businesses that thrive in niche markets is Colonial Patterns, maker of Aunt Martha’s sewing transfers. Still family owned, they are in most major national retailers, including Walmart, Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Like the brands Coats & Clark thread, Wrights trimmings and The companyMORE HERE